hmv store - DVD Movie pricing

Posted on Thursday, September 6th, 2012 at 7:34am CDT by Hawkridge

Product: PBS TV series

Company: hmv store

Location: Lansdowne Mall Peterborough Ontario

Category: Stores, Shopping

After signing up atthe hmv Store, I have found that there pricing is exorbitant. After seeing Downton Abbey and other TV series movies much cheaper elswhere I am turning in my card.

The latest example is the complete series 2 of Downton Abbey, not long ago it was under twenty five dollars at HM. I went in the other day, thinking that it should have come down now and to my complete shock it has gone up to $39.99. 57% increase is just downright highway robbery. Do American run companies really think that all Camdians are just plain dumb? In Best Buy in Buffalo 2 or three weks ago it was on for under $10 dollars and Blue-Ray at that. There is no excuse for this company hosing Canadians with rip off pricing, and this isnt the first time I have caught them with greedy pricing. If they can sell it in Buffalo for those cheap prices, then they can sell them here for that too. I am tired of them using shipping costs as an excuse to raise pricing to "gouging standards" Check around before you buy, Costco(who also do the same thing some times) check it out before you buy, they are greedy greedy!!!!! Johny Carson series $134 here, Buffalo under $50.


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