Middle Tree Timber LLC Attn: Chad Michael Wright - TREE HARVESTER FAILS TO RESTORE MY DRIVEWAY

Posted on Thursday, September 6th, 2012 at 9:15am CDT by Greg P.

Product: Tree Harvester

Company: Middle Tree Timber LLC Attn: Chad Michael Wright

Location: P.O. Box 42 Valentines, VA 23887

Category: Products, Services

During February, 2012, Middle Tree Timber, LLC (MTT) harvested the timber off of my property. MTT left the roadway leading to my property in terrible condition which made it extremely difficult for me to use same roadway to access my property. MTT indicated that it would return and restore same roadway to its original condition. To date, MTT has failed to do so.

On April 10, 2012, MTT was sent a letter on my behalf by my then attorney. This letter demanded that MTT immediately regrade same roadway in a manner satisfactory to me no later than the end of this month. To date, MTT has failed to do so.

In fact, I have been forced to have the work done to restore my roadway to its original condition. Not only did I incur an attorney fee of $75.00, but I also had to pay $824.29 for grading the road, the gravel and spreading the gravel: for a total cost to me of $899.29.

On August 7, 2012, I sent a letter to MTT via Priority Mail detailing the above information along with copies of documents verifying my expenses above of $899.29. I also demanded that MTT reimburse me for same expenses by August 18, 2012. To date, I have received no response from MTT.


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Business Reply  Chad W., 2012-10-18, 08:00PM CDT

Ms Bennett is not Paul Harvey so i will give you the rest of the story. Ms Bennett sold the said timber claiming to own said property when in fact she did not. An when the real owners found out we where asked to stop cutting and leave in which we did. All the while Miss Bennett still has the money payed for said timber and we did not get to finish harvesting the timber that did not belong to her to begin with. But thats ok this nice web site gives me all i need to sue her for slander, my lawyer thanks you. Not to mention the BBB dismissed her claim along with the two lawyers she tried to hire. For more info on MIDDLE TREE TIMBER visit WWW.LUV2LOG.COM

Greg P., 2012-11-14, 10:23AM CST

?If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.? ? Mark Twain. Obviously, Mr. Wright (Middle Tree Timber) has a lot to remember about my driveway and timber harvest. After reading Mr. Wright?s comment above, he has created this fantasy to justify his failure to restore my driveway to its original condition. He is not letting the facts get in the way in his veiled attempt to make himself (and his company) look like the victim in this scenario. I will now set the record straight with the actual facts. First for all, I DO (JOINTLY) OWN THE ?SAID PROPERTY? WHERE THE ?SAID TIMBER? WAS HARVESTED. AND MR. WRIGHT (AND/OR HIS RELATED COMPANY) DID NOT ?STOP CUTTING AND LEAVE? UNTIL AFTER THE HARVESTING HAD BEEN COMPLETED, INCLUDING THE INSPECTIONS BY THE VA DEPT. OF FORESTRY. If Mr. Wright had paid me money for timber that did not belong to me and that he did not finish harvesting, why has he not taken me to court to recover said money? Answer: BECAUSE MR. WRIGHT HAS NO CASE!!! And Mr. Wright needs to be VERY CAREFUL how he throws around the word ?slander?. I do not know who his lawyer (if any) is but I do know that a first year law student could tell him that if anybody has a case for ?slander?, it is me against him. I am keeping my options open in that regard. And the BBB-Richmond DID NOT ?dismiss my claim? against his company. In fact, he was recently contacted by same and he refused to offer me any reimbursement for my driveway expenses. Therefore, my complaint will be closed shortly with a result ?unsatisfactory? to me, the consumer. This record will be available for all to see. And as for me being ?dismissed? by ?two lawyers? I tried to hire, THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!! In conclusion, I would recommend that any potential customer of Middle Tree Timber and/or Mr. Wright learn from my experience with same. Not only does Mr. Wright not keep his word but when he is taken to task for it he creates ?facts? out of whole cloth to cover his tracks.

052ca09d, 2012-11-15, 01:49PM CST

Hey Chad W., after reading the complaint and the comments, it's obvious to the reader who is telling the truth AND IT AIN'T YOU!!! It's just too bad that Ms. Bennett has, so far, not taken you to court. She has a slam dunk case against you. We own a lot of land and have a lot of timber. I WOULD NEVER USE YOUR COMPANY TO HARVEST THAT TIMBER!!! From reading your comment, you seem to more interested in promoting your company and website than doing the right thing by reimbursing a customer for expenses that did not belong to her. SHAME ON YOU!!!

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