GG Greenleaf construction - SCAMMER! Please do not trust this company. Look else where!

Posted on Thursday, September 6th, 2012 at 11:59am CDT by 356a7744

Company: GG Greenleaf construction

Location: 352 main street

Category: Building, Construction

I have to put this because, I really do not want to see any other good person/family get SCAMMED. If I had to rate this personally owned company. I would give 0 STARS!! It has been over a year since we met the owner/manager ourselves and actually met him from a mutual friend who was reccomending him. HA, that was a joke! We are trustworthy people and really needed a new roof, but look where that got us. We wrote up a small document stating we were giving him 2,500.00 to start work on our roof (both signing) and he would get the rest of the money when the work was finished. Well we went back and forth on the phone on setting a day without rain. But most of the days without rain, he still would not come or answer his phone. After about 3 months, we finally reached him and cancelled, stating we wanted our money back. Still dont have it a year + later. Even after hearing him plead we would get it, he just ran into trouble...etc. We have taken him to small claims, etc... nothing has worked. It's very sad and he is not trustworthy!!


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