Wagner - Wagner Power Painter Plus - Not up to the job - easier to use a roller

Posted on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 at 1:07pm CDT by Foolmeonce

Product: Wagner Power Painter Plus

Company: Wagner

Location: US

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Home Depot and Amazon seem to be selectively filtering reviews so buyer beware on both fronts. They said they were approved but they don't show. Here's on honest review now that they cant filter.

The first time I tried an Airless Sprayer. It started out fine but a few quarts into it the sprayers shortcomings became painfully obvious. I spent more time fighting with it to keep it going. 2 minutes of spraying requires a 5-10 minute fight to get it going again. Overspray was never a problem. in-fact it was quite impressive on how defined the spray swath was. So much for easy tilt though, when I tried to tilt the unit up about 45 degrees to spray a sloped ceiling, paint started running down my arm. The piston was sticking from some grey coating that was flaking off the metal pump housing which also clogged the atomizer. The plastic nut that holds the pump together kept coming loose and the bottle/piston unit came apart in the my hands. Not fun when you are up on a ladder. i think thats where the paint leaking down my arm came from. I believe it pooled up in the yellow body of the unit and ran down my arm when I tried to tilt it. So the mess from freeing up the piston and the paint running down my arm was unacceptable. i got so flustered I mis stepped getting down from the ladder wipe the paint off my arm. After a while the weight of the unit full of paint became hard on the arms. I put 10 gallons through it and it was the worst experience of my life and I think that was about the life of the unit. I ended up returning the Wagner Power Painter plus and renting a commercial unit with a light nozzle and a 50ft hose and a 3 gallon hopper. I never had to come down the ladder once and made more progress in an hour then I did in four with the Wagner Power Painter Plus. This Wagner unit maybe ok to paint a door or maybe two doors but when you consider the hour or two it takes to dismantle and properly clean the thing it's way faster to just use a roller. Its impossible to get the paint off the rubber grip and power cord. For a job larger then a door or two, spend the $80 to rent a real sprayer. in my opinion if you buy a Wagner Power Painter plus it will end up just being a garage sale item. Even if the unit held together its not built to do a small to medium sized job like Wagner rates it to be. It starts to spit when the 1 quart canister gets below half without warning which ruins your work if you want it to look as good as a roller. the strainer is too small and its buried so deep into the messiest part of the unit and it kept gumming up even after I started straining the fresh paint and thinning it. The little vent hole gets clogged too often too. I tried to paint a 500 sq/ft room and bottom line that was way too much for it. All of the mess was from fighting with it to keep it going not from overspray. The rented unit was a joy to use and cleaned up in way less time.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY or worse YOUR TIME or your safety! it will help you build you cursing vocabulary. SHAME ON YOU WAGNER!!


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