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Posted on Sunday, September 2nd, 2012 at 5:20am CDT by Nayan S.

Product: Holiday Travel

Company: India Travels / 1 Touch solutions India Pvt. Ltd / India Mart

Location: 129-G/15, NSEZ, Noida Phase-2 Noida - 201301 India.

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Hello All,

I want to highlight a series of fraud committed by the above mentioned companies.

First of all, these companies work hand-in-hand to fraud the people.

Hello Travels and Great India Travels: Publishes mails to people and lure them into buying the holiday packages through email.

1 Touch Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. : Collects the money through EBS once the person books the package through and also the DD to be sent should be on this company's name.

The employees of these companies do not disclose their real name and use a fake name so that if we ask the customer care that I want to speak with this guy then they say that there is no one with this name working in their company.

My Summary with these companies: Frankly speaking I too was lured into their false commitments but was taken aback by their ever-changing terms and condition. They adjust the terms and condition according to

their stand. I have purchased 8 vouchers from this company and following are its details:

1) Booking ID / Transaction ID: 16637653(5499) - Purchased on 20th April 2012 - DD of Rs.550 also sent.

2) Booking ID / Transaction ID : 16637986(5499) - Purchased on 20th April 2012 - DD of Rs.550 also sent - transferred in the name of my friend - NOC letter also provided

3) Booking ID / Transaction ID : 16633194(5499) - Purchased on 20th April 2012 - DD of Rs.550 also sent - transferred in the name of my other friend - NOC letter also provided

4) Booking ID / Transaction ID: 17787440(6999) - Purchased on 11th May 2012 - DD of Rs.750 also sent - purchased on the name of Gautam Shah.

5) Booking ID / Transaction ID : 19147177(5499) - Purchased on 04th June 2012

6) Booking ID / Transaction ID : 19147295(5499) - Purchased on 04th June 2012

7) Booking ID / Transaction ID : 21726143(5499) - Purchased on 19th July 2012

8) Booking ID / Transaction ID : 19723932(5499) - Refered to P . Jeevan . Prashant

Complaint No. 1: Commitment of giving a Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop and a UCB Sunglass.

Great India Travels committed me of gifting a Dell Laptop and a UCB Sunglass on the referring or purchasing 8 vouchers in total. The person Mr Rohit Khanna (09718967281) gave me a gift ID (22224848T) and said the gift will reach you by 17th August. Obviously, I did not recieved any gift on 17th August and on giving the call on above number nobody recieved my calls. It was such mental torture to me to chase these guys. On 22nd of August, Rohit (or I dont know who, as they keeping changing their names) received my call and gave me a docket number F53114595, which was a fake one as I checked with First Flight couriers. Again nobody would recieve my call after 22nd. On 31st, today, Mr. Rohit recieved my call and emailed me a docket number K40538094 which was also a fake one and again nobody recieved my call thereafter. After this incident I am so frustrated with these companies as they are a total fake. If they do not want to give then why do they claim it.

Complaint No. 2: Refund of the voucher.

On 8th August, I wanted to purchase a 6999 voucher from Great India Travels. A guy named Mr. Shailesh (09716665028) from booking department was guiding me through the payment procedures. On the last page, after clicking 'submit' button, the website suddenly gave a message "Web page is not available" while I was able to browse rest of the sites like google and yahoo at that time (so my network connection was not lost), I also did not get any transaction ID or booking ID. I got a sms from my bank saying that your account has been debited with rs.6999. I conveyed the same to Mr. Shailesh and he handed over the phone to Mr. Abhinav (09711914261). Mr. Abhinav asked me to sms the sms which I got from the bank, which I did and then he asked me to generate a mini statement record from any ATM around, scan it and to be sent to him for verification, which too I did. I never got any reply from them after attaching the mini statement and never did Mr. Abhinav answered my call. Apart from couple of times, everytime I called on this number, nobody answered the call. I have telephonic recording with me in which it is clear that I have asked for the mail and have not recieved it. In one of the conversation with Ms. Kanika Malhotra (she claims to be the secretary of Mr. Abhinav) she conveyed that they would refund double the amount if I am not getting my refund within 24hrs to 72hrs of which I have a call record also.

Complaint No. 3: Reply only on call.

They ask everything in writing and on mail ([email protected]) but they answer everything on phone, so it is very difficult to maintain any evidence against these guys. After so many request also, just for the sake of disconnecting the line they say that they do not have authority to mail and they will ask their piers to mail and than there is no mail from anyone.

Complaint No. 4: Voiding their own terms and conditions.

As mentioned in their terms and condition that they will revert within 3 working days upon recieving the fully filled booking forms, DD and photo ID, they are yet to revert on two of the vouchers which I sent along with the booking form, DD and photo ID. According to the web tracking system of The Professional Couriers they have delivered the package with consignment no. KUR375555492 and KUR375555493 (it can checked on website on 22nd of August 2012. Today is 31st of August 2012 and still we have not got any response on these vouchers. They strictly abide to their terms and condition for a consumer and when it is on them to follow their own terms and condition how can they void it themselves. If the system is down or any other reason of not replying on mail, at least they should have called back within 3 days to inform the same, which was missing.

5th Complain : Commitments of the sales team and the terms and condition of the verification team.

I have received a mail from Mr. Shailesh from sales and promotion team of Great India travels in which he claims that there is no blackout period for this voucher and this voucher can be claimed for any given period just that it should be 1 month - 21 days in prior notified to them. When a verification department gives a call or a voucher mail is sent by verification team it clearly states that there is a blackout period in December and January between which we cannot redeem the voucher. Now this information is disclosed after the purchase of the voucher, which again is the fraud.

These companies make fraud to extract money from the consumers and do not stand by their own terms and conditions.

My only request to these companies is to refund all my money back i.e., 32994 (6*5499 - 6 voucher on my name) + 6999 (1*6999 - voucher purchased in the name of Gautam Shah) + 6999 (1*6999 - amount debited from my account of which no transaction ID was provided) + 1650 (3*550 - the amount paid through DD for the first three vouchers) + 770 (1*770 - the amount paid through DD for the 6999 voucher), so in total Rs.49412.


Nayan Shah.

[email protected]


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