Posted on Saturday, September 1st, 2012 at 11:22am CDT by 1e884ead

Company: COSTCO

Location: US


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I am a Costco shareholder, and have long been a loyal Costco shopper and member. I did not realize until events last month how underhandedly the business is run. I have legitimate complaints about a ZT computer. I called the service number provided by Costco with the computer for months. The service was horrible. The computer is horrible. (I cannot even load a printer.) Costco makes it very difficult and expensive to obtain warranty service and does not honor return policies. I completed three (I had to try 3 times because Costco refused to publish the prior reviews) very honest and respectful product reviews which detailed my experiences with the computer and posted them with Costco, following all of Costco's rules. I have now given up after 3 attempts. This answers the question why all Costco product reviews are positive: Costco destroys the ones which are not positive--the ones which are honest. I was also mistreated under the Costco mortgage program last month and asked to publish a review to warn consumers about First Century Bank, N.A. Among other things, they let my rate lock expire, increased my rate, threatened to publish my tax returns if I did not drop my complaints and let my information become stale by sitting on it for months. Costco cares only about profits and will not publish any warnings or honest information for consumers. Do not trust anything you read if it comes from Costco!

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fa9c3042, 2012-10-05, 10:26PM CDT

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