Virgin Mobile. A division of Sprint - Lack of cell service quality, and lack of refund of top-up cards

Posted on Saturday, September 1st, 2012 at 9:53pm CDT by Carl N.

Product: Virgin Mobile Cell service and top-up cards

Company: Virgin Mobile. A division of Sprint

Location: address not advertised, no email advertised
OCALA, FL, 34471, US


Category: Products, Services

Purchase date May, 11 2012. Return date to Best Buy, May 23, 2012. Call for refund to Virgin Mobile May 32, 2012

Cell phone , memory card, accessories and top-up cards were purchased and activated at Best Buy store in Ocala, Fl.

After trying evrything, to get the Motorola Triumph cell phone to function reliably and without broken and dropped calls, I retiurned the purchases to Best Buy. This was after many frustrating days ineffective support from Virgin Mobile. They would not admit 34471 was a partial dead zone. Consumers should be warned.

Placed a call to Virgin mobile for a refund of top-up cards, 2 cards valued at $45 each, and two cards valued at $10 each. I was assured I would recieve a refundin 4-6 weeks. The card serial numbers were provided to Virgin Mobile. Best Buy was also advised to warn customers about this issue with Virgin Mobile. I simply want the money returned. All toll, I spent over $600 dollars that day for a product and service that does not exist.


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