Four Seasons Sunrooms - Sunroom disaster

Posted on Saturday, September 1st, 2012 at 2:19pm CDT by Carrie B.

Product: sun room

Company: Four Seasons Sunrooms

Location: 5005 Veterans Memorial Highway,


Category: Building, Construction

Be forewarned: If you EVER have problems after your sunroom has been constructed (broken window, rotten seals etc.) you are on your own. They will NEVER return your call, they will NEVER come out to assess your situation. You are on your own. If you think that there is a warranty in place.... don't assume it will EVER be made good on. Good luck!


59fa332f, 2014-04-03, 11:11AM CDT

Im sorry that you people have nightmare stories. I had a Four Season Sunroom built about 5 years ago and have had no problems. We absolutely love our room and spend most of our time in here, from morning coffee to night time downtime.

Was your Sunrooms built by Four Seasons Corporate office or by a franchise? Mine was built by Toronto, Ontario, Canada Corporate office.

Best of luck to all of you that are having issues, maybe contact the corporate office.


Carrie B., 2014-04-03, 01:04PM CDT

Jim, Give it time my friend. Yours is fairly new. I'm also wondering if you are affiliated in anyway with corporate? Seems fishy you are posting here, your brochure copied compliments from the same city that Corp. happens to be based out of. And by the way, corp. office in USA is in Holbrook NY. If you don't happen to live in this town then of COURSE they will be franchises.... DUH!

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