TicketLiquidators.com - Double Charged for Baseball Tickets

Posted on Friday, August 31st, 2012 at 9:56pm CDT by Niccole

Product: TicketLiquidators.com

Company: TicketLiquidators.com

Location: US

URL: www.ticketliquidators.com

Category: Sports, Recreation

I ordered baseball tickets online today for my daughter's birthday. Little did I know that TicketLiquidators.com does not manage who actually sells the tickets to you.

My mastercard debit bankcard was billed twice for the tickets. Both the reseller and Ticket Liquidators said one charge was a "preauthorization," my account was charged twice and I did not have access to the "preauthorized amount!"

This is fraud to me... since I've been told the "preauthorized" amount will be released in 2-3 business days. Well, this is Labor Day Weekend, so that means I may have access to these funds by Thursday or Friday. I'd like to know what they (TicketLiquidators.com) thinks I'm going to do about the $100 dollars they have deducted from my account that I will not be able to use at tomorrow's game with my daughter and her friend!

I'm VERY upset and am now probably ranting, but I WILL NEVER USE THEIR SERVICE AGAIN!

Pissed in VA


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