Remit2India - Remit 2 India Rip off - Dont fall for being Times of India Company

Posted on Friday, August 31st, 2012 at 6:03pm CDT by Bhuvan V.

Product: Money Transfer

Company: Remit2India

Location: US


Category: Online Scams

I initiated transfer from US to India for $10,000. And it took 7 business days to reach, at the same time(Just few mins before) I initiated $7,500 via ICICI Money2India to India.

ICICI reached in 4 business days and ICICI gave Rs.55.24/Dollar and Remit2India gave 54.45/Dollar. I lost more than Rs.10,0000. As usual when I ask about they gave a bullshit chart by saying that was that day's rate and rate never went below 55.(both buy and sell)

ICICI is the best and they are RipOff people and also Dont fall for time company being a TimesOfIndia Company. They are big time Cheaters. Highly unethical business practice. To do business like this they can do something else.

Please dont use Remit2India.


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