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Posted on Friday, August 31st, 2012 at 10:46pm CDT by 6c7585e3

Company: Handyman Eddie

Location: US

Category: Building, Construction

He can do everything and everything is no problem. He can guarantee you the best price and best quality. That?s what Eddie told us during his free evaluation.

We asked him to remove the vinyl floor and plywood beneath it and then install new tile floor at the kitchen and bathrooms. He breached the contract of the project at the beginning. He and his assistant Handyman S persuaded us it was ok to put tiles on the vinyl directly according to their 'professional experience'. When we pointed the unlevel surface after they finished the first bathroom, they told us nothing could be improved due to the uneven vinyl surface.

The second day morning, we were told that Eddie had a kidney stone problem went to the ER and a subcontractor would replace him. But Eddie stopped by our house that evening and asked us another $1000 check for the subcontractor.

We stopped the poor project and eventually took him to court. We won. Eddie agreed to pay us $200 each month from 2012. His checks were always delayed or ?missed on the way?. He stopped paying the rest (2/3 of the total) from July for his buying a house and his slow business. We called him but no answers. It was strange that on 8/27/2012, a lady picked up the phone and claimed it was her phone number and she had just got this number a couple of days before. She hadn?t pick up the phone was because she tried to avoid her ex-boyfriend. The phone number we called was verified it belongs to Eddie not someone else at all! What a crook gang!!

Our experience through this case: When a Handyman tells you that he can do everything, be alert. Better track his reputation from different source on web before you make a decision.


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26ae9442, 2012-10-15, 02:27PM CDT

So true! Do not use this guy! He claims to be a professional but his painting is awful. He totally made a mess of my painting and now I have to hire another painter!

6c7585e3, 2012-11-09, 08:12AM CST

Mr. Eddie Karalic:

Your posted claim sounds ridiculous. You are still lying to the whole world. I take full responsibility of what I posted about your tile job at our house!

I called you on 11/3/2012. You said you didn't know me at first, then you refused to pay the remaining amount ($1,546.87) and finally you said you would call the police office that I harassed you. What an easy way to avoid a debt!

My husband and I sued you because of your and your partners' bad tile job in our house in July 2011. You should still remember you accepted everything you did and every picture we showed when you faced to Magisterial District Judge Thomas A. Placey. You agreed to pay us $200 each month from Feb 2012 but you always delayed and now you have even rejected to pay the rest.

If you truly believe in God, you would not deny that you lost the Civil Case last year at Judge Thomas A. Placey's office. As a defendant, you were asked to pay us $2,746.87 on 12/01/2011 verdict. (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania County of Cumberland Court/Tel: 717-697-2201/MDJ Name: Honorable Thomas A. Placey.)

If you are a law-abiding US citizen, please respect US law, obey US law, respect Judge and his verdict, and pay the rest money to us.

6c7585e3, 2012-11-22, 07:09AM CST

Mr. Eddie Karalic:

Why did you delete your 2012-11-02 around post?

How can you testify that you are an honest and law-abiding guy as you said in that post? Please remember that you lost the case in the court and you got the verdict that you need to pay us $2,746.87. You should keep the verdict dated 2011-12-01. You agreed to pay us $200 each month from Feb2012, but you have denied paying the rest amount after your 6 payments since August.

When I called your business cell phone, you asked a woman to pick up and told me this was not Eddie's number. You always posted this phone number (717-215-7233)on the Guide (http://www.theguideonlinepa.com/guide/mechanicsburg/) every week. You called the police that I harassed you so that you can avoid your debt? What kind of a man you are!

Before we get the total amount as listed on Judge Thomas A. Placey's verdict, you are always a liar to us!

Your previous customer at Mechanicsburg

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