Sleepy's - Beyond Horrible Customer Service!

Posted on Thursday, August 30th, 2012 at 9:37am CDT by Katherine C.

Product: Bed frame

Company: Sleepy's

Location: US


Category: Furniture

Some time ago I ordered a bed frame the initial one was wrong (my fault) and delivery refused at advice of the delivery people - they were great! The customer service rep told me to go to a store and order new frame that would work. Evidently you can not mix OnLine orders and In Store Orders. I talk to OnLine people again & order what they recommend to work with my headboard (which evidently there was a record of me purchasing it from you so they knew exactly what headboard it was). THAT frame was also incorrect...I have a 2nd frame my headboard won't connect to. I talk to a management level person because Sleepy's now tells me they can not help they can only sell me a new frame for another $100 plus S&H. He sends me an adapter that he promises will correct the issue. Base on his description I question it - I can not see how that will work BUT, I trust him....What is he an idiot! The adapter plates he sent do not work...yes you can put them on the frame and you can connect the headboard to the plates but when that is done the Bed now is not centered to the headboard it is now shifted 2 inches off center - Does he think that is acceptable. I will not use or refer Sleepy's again due to Sleepy's of lack of concern for their customers and inability to take responsibility not to mention the shear stupidity of the man who said the adapter would work lol! Say good by to a long standing customer!


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