Chartwells Food Service - Unrealistic expecations of workers

Posted on Thursday, August 30th, 2012 at 2:35pm CDT by 25d6c16e

Company: Chartwells Food Service

Location: GA, US

Category: Food

I currently work for Chartwells food service in Ga and the way they treat their employees is awful. You are expected to be perfect and God forbid you get sick. I have seen them write people up for being sick, yes you can go home with a fever or your vomiting but you'll get written up. The pay is just above min wage and your expected to go above and beyond and be a butt kisser if you aren't you'll be terminated. They have several supervisors and they all want you to do something their way and it's wrong to the others so your always getting talked down to. They never say hey good job it's always what your not doing right and how do you know whats right when they change stuff every 5 mins. I love the students and college staff they make the job worth going to. If your looking for a rewarding job keep looking and DON'T work here.


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