Expedia.com and Hotels.com - Uninformed advise from booking agent

Posted on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 at 3:14pm CDT by Jacqueline W.

Company: Expedia.com and Hotels.com

Location: US

URL: www.hotels.com and www.expedia.com

Category: Hotels

On Wednesday,August 22, 2012, I called what I thought was the direct telephone number for the Comfort Inn in Pickering, ON to book a room for an upcoming dog show (August 25 and 26, 2012)in Pickering, ON. The booking agent asked for the address of the dog show. I provided the address, 1658 Pickering Uxbridge Townline Road, Pickering, ON. The booking agent suggested the Comfort Inn located in Oshawa, ON was only 10 minutes from the show site and cost just a little more. On her advise, I chose the hotel that was "closer" to the site.

The hotel was easy enough to spot from the expressway, but difficult to get to. My arrival was after dark and I was using my GPS to locate the facility.

I was surprised by the condition as well as the location of the hotel and said so to the night clerk. When I checked in I was further surprised to find that I had booked my reservation through expedia.com. I had driven over 10 hours to get to this destination and surprises.

In an effort to find food, I ventured into the surrounding neighborhood only to find myself surrounded by large industrial installations and few sources of light or food. Frightened, I decided to return to the hotel and passed a Little Caesar's Pizza spot that was well lit. I stopped, purchased a ready cooked pizza and returned to the hotel. By this time I am quite unsure what to do besides lock the doors and go to bed with driving clothes on and keys nearby.

The next morning I found my way to the dog show site with the help of a map that the check-in clerk had printed for me as well as her verbal directions. I'm sorry to say that daylight did not improve this location, nor my feelings toward it.

On the way to the show site I drove through the little burg of Pickering only to find the Comfort Inn that was indeed 10 minutes or less from the site of the dog show. It was in a more populated area and was much cleaner on the outside. I certainly wish that I had stayed there instead.

I ended up staying at the hotel I was booked into. As this was my first online hotel booking experience, I did not know how to handle this situation any differently than just staying put and dealing with being frightened.

By following the advise offered by the booking agent,I found myself paying more, travelling further and generally feeling unsafe.


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