Mash Auot Repair - Mash Auto Repair broke my car

Posted on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 at 11:36am CDT by Jose P.

Company: Mash Auot Repair

Location: 8759 18th avenue


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I went to Mash Auto repair to get a break job. Sure enough the guy says he could find out what the ticking sound is in my car. So I left and said ok to him test driving it and when I came back later my car was taken apart (the engine) without my authorization. I told the guy he better figure out what he did because they told me after they drove it it wouldn't start up again. After days of them not being able to figure out what they did they told me I had to replace my engine. My car has nevre had any engine problems and I baby my car. It is well maintained. He said he could not afford to buy an engine and fix my car that I should buy it and he would give me back my money. I told him no give me a receipt and I am suing him. He refused to even give me a receipt so I called the cops and they forced him to. Now I still have no running car and have to pay 5 thoussand dollars to have it replaced. Don't go to these people they are not going to fix your car. BE Ware!

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56969ffb, 2012-09-04, 07:02PM CDT

Re: SELECT AUTO & TRUCK REPAIR, 52 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY 07052. The dike had more than one oil leak: like the Valdez or BP Spill.

When I first took my car to Select Auto & Truck Repair, West Orange, NJ in November 2011 for a diagnosis as to why it was leaking oil, I explicitly explained my conundrum of wanting them to correctly identify the problem; since it was an older model car (twelve years old) and it wouldn't be cost effective for me to keep spending money. I explained that if the problem was major, than I would have to use my limited fund to purchase another vehicle rather than keep spending money on my old car. I was assured by the Select representative that the repairs they recommended would resolve the oil issue, and they were more than confident that changing the oil pan gasket seal was the problem. I relied on Select expertise with the confidence because of the AAA endorsement. I even completed a survey regarding Select's satisfactory service after the initial repair in November.

Initially the service was very accommodating, picking & dropping me off at work, for the first repair in November. However, when I came back in late January to complain, all of a sudden the congenialities disappeared; I was in the waiting room for 2 hour before informed that they could not check out my car that day, no lifts available and I had to make an appointment. I brought my car back three days later, left the keys in the mail box early that morning, and called back late that afternoon to find out that they hadn't even looked at it, yet." I was told that they had to keep it overnight to thoroughly clean that area to detect where the oil was coming from for sure. I'm perplexed as to why that thoroughness of cleaning the area wasn't done the first time to make an accurate diagnosis? I asked his question and was told they didn't think it was necessary the first time. Well, how did they make a definitive diagnosis that changing the oil pan gasket would

definitively remedy my problem, if the area wasn't thoroughly cleaned the first time?

Additionally, Select's customer service transform into this Jekyll & Hyde persona. In November, Select Auto was bending over backwards and in February: When I called late afternoon to see if my car was ready- put on hold about 15 minutes, so I hung ?up and called back to be informed with this abrupt snippy nasty demeanor - "You can pick up your car, however, there isn't anyone available to come and get you from work." I inform customer service that I could wait until someone was available and was told that too busy to send anyone at all. Truly not a problem I live & work less than five miles apart from each other and have colleagues to transport me. It's ironic, when I was a satisfied customer, Select could not do enough for me, never on hold, talked to me as if I were a family member & very accommodating with transportation.

I feel that Select Auto did not accurately inspect my car for all possible sources of oil leaks; instead, sadly, elected to take the quick and lucrative path. Lastly, I'd like to point out that when you compare the initial repair receipt of November to February's receipt (attached), February's receipt makes mention of the possibilities other reasons for the oil leak, which were never mentioned to me in November nor indicated on November's receipt. If there were any doubt at all regarding the sources of where the oil was coming from or the slightest possibility that it would be coming from somewhere else, I believed that I should have been informed back in November.

Now I'm in a financial nightmare of feeling victimized, deceived and robbed of my hard earned money ($870.00, plus). Worst of all, the oil leak is much more severe than when I first brought it for repair back in November. Select Auto & Truck Repair did not repair my vehicle, exacerbate the problem. I just like to mention that the owner/supervisor never took interest in this matter by calling to rectify. Still fuming about be taken advantage of.

Disgruntle Consumer,


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