J.B. Woolf Sheds - Poor Craftsmanship

Posted on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 at 11:08pm CDT by Tracy D.

Product: Storage Shed

Company: J.B. Woolf Sheds

Location: 5304 Bandera Road

URL: http://www.woolfsheds.com/

Category: Building, Construction

I purchased a $4000.00 16x16 shed from J.B. Woolf Sheds in May 2012. Jerry told me it would take 2 Days to construct the shed on my site. They rushed the job and two guys slammed it out in 6 hours. I paid extra to have a better floor installed and it looks like the pieced it together with scrap pieces. There are gaps in the floor where you can see daylight and some of the deck moves when you walk on it. There were nail heads sticking out all over the outside of the shed, which I had to hammer in and treat for rust before I could paint. The roof is held on by staples, and half of the staples missed the studs and are sticking through plywood. Many of the 2x4s were cut so deep in some place that the boards are only being held together by an inch of wood. The wooden ramp I paid extra for had boards that were cracked in half by the nails they used. When no one was home they did finally come and replace the boards, after several calls to Jerry. I noticed that they left a piece of 2x4 under the 4x4 support beams that make up the floor of the shed. After a couple of days the 2x4 sank into the ground and the shed shifted twisting one of the 4x4 support beams and knocking one of the concrete pads out from under the other support beam. I have called Jerry Woolf several times and asked that he come and inspect the work his guys did. He makes appointments and never shows. I informed him the shed is falling off its foundation and he promised to come by and look at it, but never showed or called. I wish I would have went with my first instinct and purchased a Tuff Shed, but I went to his location and inspected his Demo sheds and expected to get the same quality.


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