Fox Property Management Inc - Tressa Rossi SUED for OVER $103,000 thousand dollars! YEAH!

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012 at 1:29pm CDT by 2406f79b

Product: Tressa Rossi

Company: Fox Property Management Inc

Location: 2316 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97232 1734 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232


Category: Real Estate

Chenoweth Law Group on January 16, 2012 WON over $103,000 in damages $$$$$$, plus attorney fees $$$$$$, in a jury trial on behalf of a Portland tenant. In Cohen v. Fox Management, Inc. et al., Multnomah County Cir. Ct. No. 1010-1453 (Dec. 9, 2011).

Government agencies are now taking a "hard look" at her and her business practices. Several people have contacted the winning law firm informing them of their tenant or landlord experience with Tressa Rossi. Looks like all those multiple negative postings shared by victimized tenants and disgruntled property owners, numerous formal complaints and filings to Fair Housing, Community Alliance of Tenants, and Oregon Real Estate licensing board have paid off.

Written quote from he ?owner? of Fox Management Inc Tressa Rossi: Fox Management, Inc. is a member of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and RHAGP (Rental Housing Association of Greater Portland) and this enables our company to bring clients' the most recent industry trade secrets.

Looks like her dirty little ?Trade Secrets? she pitches to property owners on her website have caught up to her finally! Plus, another reason NOT to rent from landlords who are members of the N.A.R.P.M. or R.H.A.G.P. (and why they ran an ad in Craigslist looking for a new secretary).

Robert and Tressa Rossi (Young, Brandvold)

Tressa L. Rossi # 890100108: Oregon Real Estate License Number issued 2009

16407 S.E. Oak Meadow Court, Damascus, Oregon 97089

Fox Management Inc. & Fox Realty Group

2316 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97232

1734 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232

Phone 503-280-0241

Fax: 503-280-0242


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