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Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012 at 9:00pm CDT by Gladys K.

Company: T-Mobile

Location: US

Category: Products, Services

I called T-Mobile to sign up for prepaid service on Aug 16, 2012. I was told by a Customer Service Rep. by the name of Heather that my current phone number would be transferred from another provider in 24 hours. She also told me I would not have to purchase a new phone. She said she would mail me a new sym card and I to place it in the existing phone.I received the sym card two days later. After 24 hrs. I called T-Mobile, they kept telling me they were having system problems and it would take another day or so. In the mean time the other phone provider cut my cell phone off. I called them and requested they reconnect it until T-Mobile was able to transport my number over. They so graciously reconnected my service. After many, many phone calls a week later and visiting a T-Mobile store numerous times.During one of my visits to a T-Mobile store they told me to purchase a temporary number until T-Mobile worked out my problem. The temporary number they sold me belonged to someone else at one time or another. Someone used up the time on the temporty phone by sending text messages to it all day and night. T-Mobile kept telling me they were still working on my request. I finally got tired of the excuses from T-Mobile. On Aug 26th I called them again and asked if they were going to transport my number or not; otherwise cancel my order. They assurred me they would give my order priority attention, I was told that three times. My phone was turned off again by my old provider. I called T-Mobile thinking they had transported my number only to find out they had cancelled my order. I had to rush out and get service from Boost and purchase a new phone. My total expense for this was $253.00. I had T-Mobile for 10 years and never had an over due or unpaid bill with them. When I tried to renew service with them the treatment I received from them was the worst service from any business I've ever experienced.


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