Betterliving Sunrooms - Better Living Sunrooms Attempted to price gouge under the premise of having a proprietary product.

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012 at 8:34am CDT by Ryan D.

Product: Betterliving Sunrooms

Company: Betterliving Sunrooms

Location: 1340 E. Ridge Pike


Category: Building, Construction

I bought a home with an existing Better Living brand sunroom. The existing room contained all single pane glass windows/doors. I contacted the manufacturer to get two prices. One to have them supply replacement windows and install myself; the second option was to have them supply and install the windows.

Upon my first meeting I was given a verbal price of $13,000 to supply and install the windows and was told they were unable to supply windows if they did not install them. Even though I was told on the phone they could supply the windows without installation services. After multiple requests for the windows only the gentleman left and said he would contact his manager to see if they could supply me the windows only.

I received a call from Mike Leibowitz and he setup an appt with me. During the appt. he gave me a verbal price of $7000 for replacement windows. I asked him to get me a written quotation on the windows and he declined. I became suspicious once he told me he would not write what he was quoting me. He said "Well what else do you need to know? The price is $7000." I told him I was interested in seeing it in writing along with the payment terms, whether shipping was included, product warranty, etc. He firmly denied my request for a written quotation and said that's not how they do business.

I then told him that I don't do business with anyone if they can't put what they offer in writing. He then responded that he didn't have to sell me the windows in a tone that was as if he was doing me a favor. I then told him I would have someone else come in and quote me double pane windows. Upon responding this way he told me that it was impossible to have anyone else replace the windows since the system was proprietary. He also mentioned that anyone else working on the sunroom would void my existing 50 year warranty.

Upon learning I had a warranty I showed him other problems I was having with the sunroom, ie. Leaking roof, failing subfloor, etc (sunroom is approx. 6 years old). I asked him if these items were covered under the warranty he mentioned and he told me I needed to go read the warranty.

After this type of response I abruptly ended the meeting and contacted a reputable general contractor. He quoted me and ended up installing all new sliding windows that are double pane for a price of $5750. The windows look great and work perfectly.

The difference in price between the two companies and the way each handled it were highly contrasting. This leads me to believe that Better Living Sunrooms is a company that preys on consumers that are unaware of market prices for construction materials and services and use sales tactics that lack integrity.

I hope that someone considering having a sunroom built learns that a conventional home additional with wrap around windows is a much better and less expensive option that using a company like Better Living Sunrooms.


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