Consumers Energy - Death Sentence from Consumers Energy

Posted on Saturday, August 25th, 2012 at 10:54am CDT by Geraldine S.

Product: Natural Gas

Company: Consumers Energy

Location: One Energy Plaza
JACKSON, MI, 49201, US


Category: Other

Consumers Energy has given me a DEATH SENTENCE, with a SLOW, EXTREMELY PAINFUL LIFE. For over 16 years CE could NOT find a gas leak in my home until a friend who was at his cottage came over to borrow a tool and just happens to work for another gas company and demanded that CE employees find the leak. Living in a home/business you become immune to the rotten egg odor from the gas. CE"s employee's manual states that natural gas is NOT toxic and they told me that "it would NOT hurt me" each time they were called to find the leak. NOT TRUE, after being tested, my lungs, brain, blood, organs and entire body is full of Carcinogenic Petro Chemicals and Solvents identified as being in Natural Gas. Carbon Monoxide is an instant killer within a few hours, but Natural Gas is a SLOW HORRENDOUS DEATH, EXTREMELY PAINFUL with NUMEROUS medical problems. I would like to transfer my PAIN and MEDICAL PROBLEMS to the Executives at Consumers Energy who have instilled in their employees to tell their customers that "it won't hurt them". I have also learned that some of the gases in Natural Gas are used in the Gas Chamber to kill a prisoner. Part of my colon has been removed, all my female organs, cancer surgeries, immune disease and a full paragraph describing all my problems with a five (5) page letter detailing all the problems I am suffering with from the tests done in Texas. Michigan Drs could NOT diagnose my many problems as they have NOT been trained in Environmental Toxins. Consumers Energy is killing their customers daily, by not addressing the gas leaks in peoples homes which IS their responsibility to find them. They NEED better Gas Meter Detectors and BETTER and TRUTHFULLY trained employees. No one at the Poison Control Center, or Drs who have now seen my test results can believe I am still alive from inhaling so many years of toxic gases and how my body and brain is so full, but as many have told me, "God has kept me alive for a reason" maybe that reason is to WARN people about Consumers Energy and their treatment of their customers regarding NATURAL GAS and let them know how TOXIC and HARMFUL it is.


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