Orbitz - NO Refund--flight cancelled due to medical emergency

Posted on Saturday, August 25th, 2012 at 10:58pm CDT by Kimberly F.

Product: Flight from Honolulu to Pittsburgh death in family

Company: Orbitz

Location: 1270 Ala Kapuna St Honolulu

Category: Airlines

I was scheduled to fly from Honolulu to Pittsburgh to see my mother who is in hospice care in Grove City Pennsylvania. The flight was from Honolulu 8/23/2012. I arrived at the gate and became ill. Chest pains. Emergency was called. A customer service person at Delta called for the emergency vehicle and wheelchair. She cancelled my ticket and said I would get a full refund.

When I called Delta the next day they said I had to talk to Orbitz the company I used to book the flight. I called customer service 3 times. Two times they hung up on me and 1 time a Delta representative hung up on the conference call.

I was simply asking for a refund. I have records from the Emergency Room with my heart records indicating I have an abnormal heart condition and cannot fly. It has the doctors names and the medical records. I faxed these records to Orbitz.

I have no refund and have heard nothing from them.

I can't believe it! It is so cruel. I am really sick. I have to go tot a heart specialist this upcoming week. My mother is dying in a nursing home in Grove City Pennsylvania. I am crying everyday because I cannot be with my mother. And I cannot get my ticket refunded.

It is too difficult for me!

I cannot even breathe well.

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Emerson F., 2013-03-05, 05:27PM CST

Usually once you send documentation, the airline will refund your ticket or at least waive your change fees when you rebook. Ask if there is a way to send them this documentation. They just can't take your word for it, because there are a lot of liars out there.

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