pureland supply - DLP..dirty litte profitmongering

Posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 at 10:11am CDT by dan g.

Product: DLP bulb

Company: pureland supply

Location: US

URL: www.purelandsupply.com

Category: Products, Services

the secret? DLP tv is the great big size for less dollars. but....

when the bulb goes, rip off artists sell you the replacement for 193.00

and made so cheap that it has no chance of burning out before the wire breaks the glass. (self destruct) may last a year, they cover 90 days.

pureland supply won't accept defective bulbs and replace them after 90 days. but... will sell them all day long. it's all they got. so if you

think money will be saved by buying a DLP, it cost me over 21.00 a month

for just the bulb life. if you keep a tv for a few years, you;ll have yearly maintenance, and give back all that you saved buying the DLP.

might as well buy LCD, or plasma. they are much better than older sets.

the old DLP 720i tv bulb is still good after 10 years. the new stuff is a rip off. way to ruin DLP guys. nuf said..


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