NJ American Water - Unsafe, unhealthy municipal water

Posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 at 8:09am CDT by 8e5fb568

Product: Monmouth County NJl water supply

Company: NJ American Water

Location: 1025 Laurel Oak Road
VORHEES, NJ, 08043, US

URL: www.amwater.com

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August 22, 2012

NJ American Water sent residents of Middletown, NJ notice they were going to start adding ammonia to the water supply in mid June, 2012. I am a resident there, in a 55+ adult community called Shadow Lake Village, consisting of apartments/condos. According to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection Web site, adding ammonia to the already chlorinated water makes a new compound called chloramine.

They never told anyone on the condo Board of their decision before doing it, nor did they ask for a discussion with the residents. The apartment complex was built in 1976 - the water plumbing and pipes have not been updated, and the pipes contain lead solder. I believe that the chloramines are dissolving lead in the pipes, sending the tainted water right through our faucets.

Since the end of June I sneeze every time I wash my face and every time I brush my teeth. I have a rash on my back that a dermatologist just biopisied and we are awaiting results. The rash wasn't there before June.

In addition to the allergic reaction to the chloramined water, I just noticed on the NJ DEP site, there is a list of violators, one of which was NJ American Water. They had 14 violations listed in different communities where they supply water; some of the violations were due to "above legal limit for lead."

I am tired of getting sick from this water. They put the ammonia in, and they should be the ones responsible for taking the chloramines out. If they can't change the water disinfectants then they should put a catalytic carbon filter in my apartment to stop further rashing and allergic reactions to the chloramine.


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