AAA Wholesale - AAA Wholesale won't stand behind their products

Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 5:34pm CDT by d9d307bc

Product: Water Distiller- LOVE2 stainless st./black

Company: AAA Wholesale

Location: 2853 Twp Rd 249,
TORONTO, OH, 43964-6940, US


Category: Products, Services

We ordered a water distiller from AAA wholesale via the internet on 12/06/2011 as a Christmas gift for our Son. Upon receipt we noted and took pictures of the damaged package, upon opening the package the bottom section of the distiller was badly dented, and a cleaning chemical container shipped with the item had broken open and was throughout the distiller and the motor. My Wife contacted the vendor and requested the entire distiller be replaced, the vendor indicated that they would replace the base only which we received within a week or so. My wife removed the spilled chemical from the motor section and wrapped the new base and original motor (top) section for a Christmas gift to our Son on Christmas Day. December 26, our son called indicating that the motor did not work. From December 26 thru 28th we were unable to contact the vendor. On December 29th my wife reported all this to the vendor, who refused to stand behind their product any further, and informed us they didn?t take returns or provide refunds. Many attempts were made by both my Wife and I to negotiate a replacement or refund. During the negotiations, the representative for AAA Wholesale became rude, hostile and accused us of not being smart enough to press a button to turn the machine on. On one occasion (March 6, 2012) he called us 7 times in a 15 minute time period to harass us.

After many attempts to reconcile with the vendor, a formal dispute was filed with VISA on February 26, 2012. Because the vendor would not provide a return shipping address we were unable to send the distiller back until an address was provided to us by our bank on May 29, 2012. The distiller including the damaged motor and the base that had been replaced were returned to the vendor that date. Since then thru the current date (August 21, 2012), Visa has attempted to get a credit from the vendor?s bank to no avail.


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