Custom Concrete SVC.LLC - poor work, poor communication, poor business ethics

Posted on Sunday, August 19th, 2012 at 3:27pm CDT by David D.

Company: Custom Concrete SVC.LLC

Location: 16 Privateers Lane, Rochester, 14524

Category: Home, Garden

Mr. Drabin also may go under Pool & Patios Plus Ltd, same address. This is for those who might be considering their services.

We contracted to have a foot of concrete around the pool dug up and replaced so it would accept new pool cove moulding to hold a new liner.

Job was done in the fall and we allowed the product to cure ready for liner replacement in the spring by another company. When spring came we noticed some issues and contacted Mr. Drabin. As a professional and businessman he should have called us so that arrangements could be made to meet and go over the issues so there is no misunderstanding; as a contractor who doss cement work on inground pools he would know that in New York State pool gates must be locked at all times. He never called; he sent an e-mail stating he would send someone out in a few days, this e-mail we saw either the day they came or the day after but, once he arrived and found the gates locked, he should have called to gain entry and permission. He did not, broke in by climbing the fence and scuffing the panels, corrected only one of the issues and left us with another huge mess. When we contacted him, again rather than call, he sent another e-mail that was the most unprofessional piece of of the response that we are being unreasonable and vented in once sentence, no punctuation, mispelled words containing 170 words which only proved how unprofessional and what poor workmanship, communication skills he had and we have pictures and a complete list of all of the issues and the mess lhis company left us. Trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, we put off filing a breaking and entering charge and placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and he never responded. We will now be entering a breaking and entry charge and most likely will be forced to go to small claims court. BE VERY CAREFUL, CHECK HIM OUT THRU EVERY VENUE, HE IS UNPROFESSIONAL, UNREASONABLE, DOES WORKMANSHIP THAT A DO IT YOURSELFER COULD DO BETTER, DOES NOT CLEAN UP AFTER HIMSELF, NOT THE KIND OF PEOPLE YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH AND WE CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTION SOMEONE WHO IS CONSIDERING EITHER OF THESE COMPANIES BY JUST .

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