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Posted on Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 2:04pm CDT by Theresa D.

Company: Airductor solutions

Location: 5105 Tollview Drive


Category: Products, Services

I purchased a groupon for Airductor Solutions. The guys who came out were polite. The groupon was for dryer blown out, furnace cleaned and vents dones. The next day my air conditioner would not go one and my heater was not working either. I called that evening and no one answered the phones. I called the company the next morning and left a message with a girl. No one called me back. I called my home warranty company and told them my air was not working. They sent someone out within 2 hours. He said the service switch was in an off position. It cost me $75 for the service call. Meanwhile no call back from Airductor. I called and this time spoke to a guy who said he was the manager and told him what happened, he told me to send him the information. Then I went on line and did a live chat to get their address. No address information was sent. I called the next day and got their fax number and faxed the information and asked for confirmation. No confirmation. I went on line again for a live chat and was told someone would call me by the end of the day. No one called. I called the next day (Thurs) and left a message. I then went on line later in the day to let them know I had not heard back and chatted with Danielle again. She said someone would call. No one called. Friday I called and was told someone would call me by 8pm that evening. No one called. This morning I went to the chat and they told me to call now. I did and spoke to Alex. Not once did he apologize for the inconvience. He told me to send in the information. I told him I had already faxed it and it was confirmed he had it. He then wanted to know why I did not call and let them come out. I told him I did but no one called back. He then tells me he will send me some money but I should have called them first. I DID. They did not return my call. He was condensending and NEVER apologized for the mistake their technican made. Then had the nerve to try to put it back on me. He then told me he did not need my business and to never call again. If I do not receive my money in 7 days I will be calling again.


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