LG - Don and Joanne

Posted on Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 7:37am CDT by Don F.

Product: refrigerator

Company: LG

Location: COLLEGEVILLE, PA, 19426, US

Category: Home, Garden

In the market for an appliance? I would not recommend looking at anything LG. We bought a very large and very expensive, at least in our eyes, LG efrigerator from Best Buy. Within two years we began having issues with the lights not coming on when the doors were opened. We assumed it was a bad bulb and tried to change it. It made no difference. It didn't do it all the time so we did not feel we had a legitimate complaint and let it ride. About a year or so later, the crisper drawers in the middle of the unit began to sag in the middle. We had been careful not to overload them, but they began to sag anyway to the point it became difficult to open the drawers at time unless you pushed the center up. This seemed to be a design flaw and there is no brace of any kind in the middle between the drawers, so, again, we really had nothing we felt we could say. Recently the thing started beeping as if the doors were open. It has also done that in the past, but this time would not stop. Every couple of minutes it would beep and nothing we tried would stop it. I called our appliance repairman who told us he could not work on LG. He said they did not have a good reputation for service and unless you had gone through their training specifically, you could not work on them. He recommended another repairman in the area for me to talk to. Interestingly enough, he said the same thing about LG. Parts always have to be ordered, there does not seem to be good support, they are difficult to work on, etc. I called LG to find someone. Over two days I went through five recommended service centers trying to find someone and none of the ones they had given me serviced my area. They finally gave me a national number which I called and they scheduled me with a service call from a repairman who only lived five minutes away. Of course, by this time the food in the refrigerator has gone bad because the refrigerator was not cooling so we had to throw out a refrigerator full of groceries. After three days of trying to get someone, the repairman came over. Initially, he seemed as stumped as we were! LG designed the refrigerator to stop cooling when the door is open. As a result, since it thought the door was open, it did not cool. He decided, after consulting with his team, that the switches must be bad. He told me he would have to order them and it would be another week before they arrived. While he was inspecting the refrigerator he also found that one of the doors needed to be replaced as it did not seat properly and that it, too, could cause problems down the line. Over two hundred dollars for the switch repair and another couple of hundred for the door if we chose would have given us a bill for over five hundred dollars! We opted for the switches only. A week later they arrived and the refrigerator seems to be working at the moment. During this entire process we tried to speak to customer service at LG on multiple times and always got the same response. Sorry, but we can't do anything. I spoke to one lady at corporate who did listen, but was only able to help with the cost of the parts. Switches? Really? The parts were only about thirty dollars! To make a very long story short, the refrigerator has been having issues for a while, but none we felt we could really complain about since they were not consistent. When it came time to deal with LG we found customer service to be totally lacking, Service is difficult to fine and when you do find it, it takes a long time to get necessary parts. And did I mention that this expensive refrigerator is only five years old! The slogan for LG, Life is Good, not at my house! Avoid them!


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