Coalition for the Homeless - CFTH (Un)Sanitary Practices: ASSociates Serve Unprotected Foods Using Contaminated Latex Gloves

Posted on Thursday, August 16th, 2012 at 4:24pm CDT by fcbe9269

Product: Grand Central Food Program (Mobile Soup Kitchen)

Company: Coalition for the Homeless

Location: 129 Fulton Street
NEW YORK, NY, 10038, US

Category: Products, Services

SUBJECT: A summary of just a few of the Coalition for the Homeless's (CFTH) assaulting behaviors (insolence, silencing tactics, marginalizing tactics, ignorance, etc) but most of all, their most assaulting of using contaminated latex gloves to serve unprotected foods to the unfortunate:

1) Even though I've asked for a confirmation as to who I am speaking with in my initial e-mails to assure I was communicating with, Mary E. Brosnahan, the moron who I was actually speaking with, Sarah Murphy, never bothered to clarify; I only found it was Sarah and not Mary via an internally forwarded e-mail by another representative at the CFTH, Juan Del La Cruz; Sarah, really, are you that much of an asshole?!?

2) After I've asked for the reason why the CFTH associates wear latex gloves, Mary, oh, excuse me, I mean, Sarah answers by saying (not exactly verbatim) '[the CFTH] requires it'; clearly, Sarah has a problem thinking for herself ? if she were told to have breakfast at 9pm every evening, she would do that too, without question; I would be very wary of people who just do things because they're told to do it;

3) I then asked Mary, I mean, Sarah to clarify, she says that some CFTH associates handle oranges or bread and the health department requires it; I think, Sarah means to say: ?we at the CFTH have no idea what we are doing; we just follow rules; we don't ask any questions; we don't know how to critically think; the health department rules could very well be for good reason but we really don't understand how it applies, where it applies, etc; we just wear latex gloves and hope and pray we're doing the right thing?

4) I then asked about CFTH regulations/processes they follow, including any health department codes: Mary, I mean, Sarah, could no longer handle the job and subsequently passes my e-mail on to Juan De La Cruz; Juan was not much better at critical thinking; he summarized what Mary, I mean, Sarah, was saying but in all, Juan is just another puppet ? he's just following someone's regulations/rules/codes but has no idea what they are; Juan, showing me how dull his pencil is, says that they do that something because the health department says they should; Juan suggests I try volunteering to learn more ? that to me is akin to saying: try volunteering for the North Korean Communist/Socialist Party to learn more; no thanks, I will do no such thing until I first sufficiently understand the entity, via discourse and critical thinking, and then decide if I might want to engage with them; seems like Juan is just another moron because he was clearly trying to get me off his back because he too doesn't know too much; Juan, really, are that dam!n stupid that you don't know why you abide by some rule?!?; clearly, things become too much for Juan and he decides to cut off our e-mail communication channel purportedly because the back-and-forth was too much for him; but he did offer the face-to-face or phone channels (however, to me, no matter what channel is used, I can guarantee you that there will be back-and-forth ? it's just the way any intelligent conversation needs to progress); in all, Juan pretty much equivocates by saying if there is something wrong in how they're using latex gloves, they'll fix it but he's confident nothing is wrong; how arrogant can you be, Juan?!?; therefore, Juan is an asshole;

5) I then asked for Juan's superior hoping that someone over at the CFTH would have at least half a brain and be able to think for themselves; after a few requests for such a superior, Tim Campbell chimes in; well, what can I say about Tim?; simply replace the names in the comments and remarks above and you get Tim; Mindless Tim pretty much says there's nothing to add to what was already said; I tried asking Tim to explain to me why e-mail communication has been/is being cut off and how might the other available channels (sit-in or phone) really differ?; well, no further response yet from this douche bag;


i) I think any entity helping the unfortunate people is great, however, it never gives them the right to assault such people (the obvious assault in this case is the CFTH's use of contaminated latex gloves to serve unprotected foods to the unfortunate)

ii) BTW, I do have a video showing the ASSociates handling all foods with their contaminated latex gloves

iii) Would anyone like to see further evidence of their assaulting behaviors? Just ask.)

iv) Finally, I would love to serve foods at some occasion for any one who sees nothing wrong with the CFTH's behaviors; in particular, I promise I will serve you and your guests exactly the same way the ASSociates at the CFTH serve the homeless/unfortunate; I would do that service for you for free ? you just pay all my expenses; any takers?


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