Garmin - Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT Navigation Mode leaves a lot to be desired

Posted on Thursday, August 16th, 2012 at 5:22pm CDT by L Signore

Product: Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT

Company: Garmin

Location: US


Category: Consumer Electronics

When navigating a route, the map is zoomed so far out, I can see the locations of the 5 neighboring towns, yet the map is pretty much gray with only the navigation route visible. Side streets,major roadways and inersections are not visible, even when you are sitting at one. You can manually zoom in, but the map will not move as you travel. You get to see the vehicle icon come on to the map at the bottom and work its way right off the top of the map. For $380, I expect a better performing, properly functionable unit. Do not buy this unit until/if Garmin resolves the issue.


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Robert Allyn L., 2012-08-16, 05:41PM CDT

Do you ever need to read the manual.

This has little plus signs on the screen to zoom in, you are touching somewhere else and going to browse map.

Call Garmin and have them walk you through the procedure.

L Signore, 2012-08-16, 05:48PM CDT

Yes I read the manual. If you ever tried it, you would find that when you zoom in using the +/-, the display freezes and the car goes off the map. If you zoom the display using your fingers, it zooms back out after a few seconds. Did you ever read the full post?

Robert Allyn L., 2012-08-17, 09:00AM CDT

I own a 3590LMT and an older one (can't remeber Model) as well.

Neither do this so you have one of two issues.

1st Broken

2nd You are operating it incorrectly

Again: Call Garmin have them walk you through this and you may get luck and have your problem figured out.

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