Sunset West USA - Sunset West USA - manufacturing defect then offensive service

Posted on Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 at 8:02pm CDT by Joe D.

Product: La Jolla Patio Furniture

Company: Sunset West USA

Location: VISTA, CA, US


Category: Furniture

We bought a whole bunch of patio furniture recently. Could not be hating the manufacturer any more than we are ( Generally OK product, but the way they are handling a clear and obvious manufacturing issue with one of the pieces is basically offensive. Their responsiveness has been terrible, they have done everything possible to make it highly inconvenient for us (despite the fact that they agree its their product defect) and their attitude has been dismissive. Did not realize companies still behave this way given the poor economy, etc. I'm typically not one to complain, but these guys are worth the effort. (Still a fan of the store we worked with though - One Stop Furniture in SD).


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