Timothy Wright Tree Service - Timothy Wright Tree Service - very unsatisfied

Posted on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 at 8:42pm CDT by e3a88bcb

Product: Tree Trimming Service

Company: Timothy Wright Tree Service

Location: TAMPA AREA, FL, US

Category: Products, Services

Timothy Wright, owner, approached our home in South Tampa in mid July 2012, and my wife, knowing that I was entertaining getting our properties trees trimmed before the fall, considered his sales call. My wife asked for much more work to be done than what was actually performed - We should have figured something was off when he agreed to the negotiated price of $500.

I came home from work towards the end of their work (they were only at our residence from 130pm to 630pm - you do the math - yes that is $100/hour) and it seemed that there should have been a lot more work done, unless they were planning on coming back the next day. That was not the case. Timothy only had one worker with him, and they were lacking any high-reaching ladders or ability to cut down limbs that were requested. They did hold up part of their end of the bargan by taking down a pretty substantial branch on our live oak, but that led to this...

When I examined the work upon coming home, I noticed they damaged my front rain gutter. When I asked if they noticed that they damaged it, they denied it, yet Timothy was later willing to fix the damage. Therefore, he knew they damaged the gutter. Mind you, we are still waiting for the gutter to get repaired, and he is not taking any of my phone calls or texts. Unfortunately, we are now forced to go directly through his insurance, who is not getting return calls either.

But I digress - Timothy and his partner, after being asked to do more work (the work that was verbally agreed upon), managed to damage another portion of our rain gutter in the back of the home. I heard a loud boom from inside my house, and I walked outside to see what happened. They did not notify me of this damage either; it wasn't until several days later over the weekend that I assessed the damage. Fortunately, I was able to fix some of it on my own, but Timothy's insurance is being summoned for that too.

All in all, it goes to show that you cannot leave verbal directions and deals with a handshake - get the scope of work IN WRITING, and exam all the work done. I am very dissatisfied and feel slighted that this fly-by-night sole proprietor got the best of me and my wallet. Timothy had every chance to correct the situation, and he failed miserably.


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