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Posted on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 at 3:48pm CDT by El S.

Product: Restaurant Certificates

Company: Restaurant.Com

Location: 1500 West Shure Drive, Suite 200


Category: Business, Finances

I bought 5 restaurant certificates. Used one; what a rip off. By the time I paid for the meal, the added the % for Restaurant.Com & the tip, there was at best a 2% savings using the certificate. I would have done better without it. In addition, the food was not worht the cost. Will NEVER was again.

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Henry C., 2014-03-19, 01:49PM CDT

I bought several certificates from at their regular price of 20% of face value. They work by requiring a minimum purchase in addition to the value of the certificate.

Recently, I tried to cash a couple of them at restaurants that had changed owners. I was verbally abused by the new owners in front of several other patrons for trying to use invalid certificates, which, according to the new owners, should not have been sold. When I contacted about it, all I got was an apology and an offer to exchange them for certificates to other restaurants, but a refusal of refund. They said that, after they investigate, they would stop offering them. It has been two months and they're still offering them in their website.

In addition, they sold me tickets to a play for $89.00 each that they claimed were worth $139.00. When I received them, I found out that they were at the very back of the theater and that same tickets were being sold at several websites for less than the $89.00 than they had charged me. When I complained, I was told that the tickets were being sold at the box office for $111.00. I checked with the box office and found out that the truth was that they were being sold for $78.00. I informed of this fact and all I got was a reminder that all sales were final and that I had agreed to that when I bought the tickets. This time I sent the tickets back and filed a dispute with my bank, disagreed, again using the same argument that I had accepted that all sales were final when I bought the tickets. Fortunately, the bank, after seeing the material advertising the value of the tickets that had been sent to me, my communications with and the evidence about the actual cost of the tickets, backed me in my dispute and reimbursed my cost.

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