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Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 at 1:01pm CDT by Jennifer W.

Company: DJ SRL, SimplyTheBestEntertainment

Location: 9328 Elk Grove Blvd.,
ELK GROVE, 95624, US


Category: Wedding Services

I would avoid using "Simply The Best Entertainment" aka "DJ SRL" This company is operated by Steve LeFlar and Eric Symons.

They have stolen over $200,000 from musicians, DJs and investors. LeFlar, representing "Star Sounds Productions" (now called 'Simply The Best Entertainment') was found guilty in Concord Court on 2 counts (so far) of stealing from musicians. (Case numbers CSC09-1099, and CSC09-1100) There is a grand theft charge pending. For verification, contact Associated Entertainment Associates (AEC), Bill DeKuiper's Hot House Swing Band, DJ Wendy Wiggs, Keith Johnson's All Stars Band, DJ Ron Israel, Live Band Big City Revue, Allegra Events, Angela Takeishi, David Martin's House Party, and many more.

Brides and grooms will be put in an awkward position of going the court to verify the music was provided.

In an effort to hide his reputation, LeFlar has changed the name of the company from North Bay Entertainment, to Star Sounds Productions, to STB DJs, to Simply The Best Entertainment, to DJ SRL.... all in the last 4 years. Symons assists him in this deception.,

Any information on Steve LeFlar, Steven McArthur (one of LeFlar's aliases), Star Sounds Productions, Simply The Best Entertainment or DJ SRL,that would assist in collection this debt should be forwarded to both the George Ballard Company, (925) 677-0300 ... and Associated Entertainment Consultants (AEC), (650) 348-7972.


66444acd, 2012-08-20, 11:12AM CDT

The problems the poster refers to are from North Bay Entertainment and Star Sounds Prodctions and have nothing to do with Simply the Best Entertainment. Simply the Best Entetainment is being stalked on line and has no debt.

Ed H., 2012-11-15, 01:40AM CST

"Steven's Music", aka Steven Leflar, aka Simply The Best Entertainment, has lost multiple lawsuits and found guilty in Superior Court of ripping off bands, DJ's, and other vendors of over $200,000.

Leflar would rip off his own mother if he had the chance. He often changes the name of his compnay to try to hide his criminal reputation: "Steven's Music", "Star Sounds Productions", "North Bay Entertainment", "Simply The Best Entertainment", "STB DJs", "DJ SRL" are ALL the same con man, Steven Leflar. In the past he had used "Steven McArthur" as an alias to hide his identity.

Avoid ALL of the above "businesses", especially "Simply The Best Entertainment" and "Steven's Music" (these 2 have active web sites still up) LeFlar uses 2 friends of his to pose as "owners" of his companies in an effort to hide his affiliation with them. He works most of his scams in the Napa, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Sonoma areas, of northern California. Simply The Best is operated by Steven Leflar and Eric Symons.

Here is a partial list of people in the music industry that Steven Leflar ripped off:

Michael Halem,

David Martin,

Gig Xifaras,

Thomas Schoenberger,

Larry Lynch,

Ellen Shea,

Ron Israel,

Brian Cline,

Joe Sharino,

Gary Sparks,

Kier LaCrosse,

Mike Luna,

Larry Johnson,

Wendy Wiggs,

Shiela Groves,

Allison Sharino.

'Google' Steven Leflar. Then contact any of the above for verification. Stay away from "Steven's Music" and "Simply The Best Entertainment"

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