Food Bank For New York City - Food Bank For New York City: Morons

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 at 1:21pm CDT by aede6f50

Company: Food Bank For New York City

Location: Food Bank For New York City 39 Broadway, 10th Floor New York, NY 10006
NEW YORK, NY, 10006, US

Category: Products, Services

Both Jeannie Fournier and Andrea Lutz, both at the Food Bank of NYC, have refused to acknowledge that Andrea's response e-mail to me contained an unnecessarily modified version of my e-mail. I don't expect, and never expect, someone to modify any of my communications; we're not talking excerpts here, but a clear case where some of my verbiage along with other bits of pertinent data were taken out while the rest of the e-mail was left as is. Clearly, (both Jeannie and) Andrea found it necessary to remove this portion of data before Andrea responded to me. However, one critical question is: why exactly did they remove this particular data? was it self-incriminating to Andrea/Jeannie/the Food bank/etc if they had left it in?

Could you imagine if I had modified your e-mail to me in such a way that, for example, the modification makes you look bad or simply doesn't communicate exactly what you communicated? Would you be OK with that? Could you imagine the implications of people arbitrarily modifying content belonging to others? I believe it is an assault against humanity when one entity modifies some other person's communication and a further assault against humanity when that abusive entity refuses to admit their wrongdoing even when presented with clear and convincing data/evidence.

I have given both Jeannie and Andrea ample time/opportunity to review the material and to explain why my communication, contained in Andrea's response e-mail, was modified before Andrea's e-mail was sent. Jeannie simply kept saying it wasn't modified but provided no proof at all that it wasn't modified. It's as if Jeannie was saying: believe what I say, NOT what I(we) do and NOT what the facts say.

Clearly, it seems Andrea is just a little sheep who follows orders because I haven't heard a word from her about this throughout my attempts to gain clarification; Jeannie has pretty much been doing all the bullshitting.

In conclusion, both Jeannie and Andrea are assholes; they are morons; they have undermined the integrity of the Food Bank of New York City.

If anyone would like to see the proof, just let me know.


Danny J., 2012-08-15, 06:42PM CDT

I work for the NY Post, I'd love to see the evidence: please send to [email protected]

aede6f50, 2012-08-16, 01:28PM CDT

OK, Danny, just provide for me your complete NY Post contact information; the contact account seems odd; besides, providing all such Post contact info shouldn't be a problem at all, right????

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