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Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 at 4:37pm CDT by kimberly r.

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Doctor Alberto Coto Clavo was the dentist. He broke my tooth causing 3 root canals to be preformed while in his care.

He left me with half of my teeth open margin ( the crowns are popped off my teeth ). He screwed up my bite so badly that I now suffer from severe TMJ. I live constant horrible pain every day of my life. I can't eat or speak properly and so on. In addition, a few of the cheaply made Costa Rican crowns in my mouth are now breaking apart. One crown in the back of my mouth has completely broken apart and my grounded down tooth is now bare.

The cost to fix my bite alone is $35,000 ( which I don't have ) plus thousands more for additional work that I need because of Doctor Coto's incompetence. Every American dental specialist that I've seen states that what Doctor Coto did to me falls under severe criminal negligence. In addition, I have been checked by 3 Costa Rican dental specialists who also confirmed severe negligence as well. Anyone who would like a copy of these medical reports is welcome to them.

Several American dental specialists also confirm that all of my teeth will start falling out one by one because of all the open margins. I can't get false teeth put in my mouth after I become toothless because I suffer from a seizure disorder. Dentures can slip during a seizure, in which case I could choke to death. Therefore, no American dentist will risk my life with non permanent dentures.

I was threatened in Costa Rica and almost charged with a felony and thrown in a foreign prison for complaining publicly about being butchered abroad. ( no freedom of speech in Costa Rica ). It is considered a very serious felony in Costa Rica to speak against the reputation of a Costa Rican citizen. Anyone reading this should bare this in mind. If your dentist or doctor butchers you in Costa Rica and you complain about it in that country, then you will be charged with a felony and thrown in a Costa Rican prison.

When I originally went to Doctor Coto for my medical tourism dentistry, he worked under a different business name. Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo has since conveniently changed the name of his business from High Tech dental clinic to " Implant and Cosmetics Solutions " and has moved his practice to " Rohrmoser - San Jose Costa Rica. " I have no doubt that he will to continue to change his business name and move his practice over and over again in an attempt to deceive the public. He could also possibly work under the name of a different dentist or use a fictitious name all together. One of his latest tricks on-line is an advertisement heading under "dental implants and cosmetics solutions" and when you pull it up, it then states " implant and cosmetics solutions " on his web-site. Hence the word dental is in under the first heading which is meant to deceive you. If you decide to risk getting medical tourism dentistry in Costa Rica anyway, you can always google search "Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo San Jose Costa Rica Images" ( my image will most likely be next to his ) at least you will be able to see what he looks like so that you are not tricked by him once you get to Costa Rica.

As of today August 13, 2012 - I have been living in constant horrible pain daily. My medical condition has become much worse since I went to Doctor Coto for treatment 18 months ago. Also, as of today - I contacted Doctor Coto one more time and asked him if he would pay my local dentist directly to fix my teeth that he botched so badly.

On August 13, 2012 Doctor Coto first asked me first if I would go to a dentist in Costa Rica to have my teeth fixed.

I told Doctor Coto no for 3 reasons.

#1.) - I can never step foot in Costa Rica again after I was threatened and almost charged with a felony. I know that I was lucky to flee Costa Rica as quickly as I did to escape imprisonment for complaing about my botched dentistry publically with Doctor Coto.

# 2.) - It will take several months for any dentist to fix my teeth including in Costs Rica.

# 3.) - I've learned my lesson about trusting anyone outside of my own country with any medical and or dentistry ever again.

On this same conversation ( August 13, 2012 ) Doctor Coto stated that he did not have $35,000 to pay my dentist in America to fix my teeth.

He also stated that he may contact me in the future about it. It's been 18 months since Doctor coto butchered and maimed me. It's been 18 months that I've been fighting for Doctor Coto to pay to have my teeth fixed that he severely botched. I am not holding my breath for Doctor Coto to call me back.

Doctor Coto runs an international medical tourism practice. Mainly his patients come from America, Canada and some from Europe.

Unfortunately, Doctor Coto does not understand our morals, ethics or how we think and feel as a people.

Doctor Coto seems to think that if he gets some of his friends to write good reviews about him, that it will make him seem like a great guy.

He doesn't seem to understand that when someone offers you medical evidence of being butchered from several highly respected American specialists then we know it to be true pure and simple.

Doctor Coto refused to refund the small fortune that I paid him. He has refused to pay to have my teeth fixed that he botched and maimed so badly. My condition is getting worse and worse every day. In addition, Doctor Coto has also called me a scam and other nasty things on-line. Doctor Coto thinks if he calls me bad names and throws references out there, that the public will be " stupid " enough to ignore the medical evidence that can not be disputed.

Like I said, Doctor Coto thinks we are stupid and he does not understand us at all !

Anyone who would like a copy of my medical reports can leave me a message on my u-tube channel and I'll e-mail them to you right away.

My story gets much worse and something every American, Canadian and European should watch ! Before getting any medical and or dentistry abroad, please go to u-tube and click on my channel ( kimberly4064 ) I have 4 video's on my personal medical tourism nightmare. Watch them all and pass them along to anyone you know who is considering this same horrible mistake. If you prefer you can go to my most recent blog that covers my entire medical tourism nightmare with Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo. It also covers everything up to my current medical condition. This blog also connects to my most recent u-tube video. my blog web-site address is or you can go directly to my most recent u-tube video at

To the vast amounts of people who have left your kind words on my u-tube video's - Thank you very much, you are welcome for the warning and God Bless you all !!!


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