Dish Network - Promised Install

Posted on Saturday, August 11th, 2012 at 10:59pm CDT by Ken O.

Company: Dish Network



Category: TV, Music, Video

Dish Network customer service has barrowed downhill to where now it just SUCKS. We were going to move from Direct TV to Dish, soon May 31st we called and got set up with an install for the new ?Hopper? and 3 TV?s. We came up with an install date for Aug 2 and my up front my first month to get my install.

Here?s what happened

1 They took our money and no install (and yet to refund and looks as if we may need to take them to small claims court to get it back)

2 I took the day off work and the install was canceled with no call or contact whatsoever.

3 We called them and after ONE HOUR on the phone they told me looking for my account they told me ?our computers down and call back in one hour?.

4 We called back in after one hour and after another TWO HOURS they told us ? our install was canceled because to was scheduled out more than one month?(but yet they felt the need to keep our money and not call or contact us because there was no refund and had a month to do it)

5 They set us up with ?another install? for that following Saturday but yet another promise they could not keep. They changed it to Monday again with no communication what so ever and we had no one who could take off work.

So the heck with Dish Network I?m staying with Direct

I did get a full refund for both times I paid them but they take no responsibility in their part of wasting a day off work for nothing and all the time I spent on the phone.


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