eBay - eBay Won't Stand Behind Their Words!

Posted on Saturday, August 11th, 2012 at 9:02am CDT by Chuck B.

Product: Poor Business Practice

Company: eBay

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URL: www.ebay.com

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In eBay's own written and published description for an item up for auction on their site, it read, "The Garmin nuvi 265WT comes with preloaded City Navigator maps of US, and Canada that will be updated free of cost for this lifetime." I purchased this item based of that description, but I have since found it to not be true, the Garmin Nuvi 265WT does NOT come with free map updates, only free traffic updates, something quite different. I spoke with eBay customer service twice about this issue and was basically told too bad, it's the seller's responsibility to check if the description is correct, even though eBay wrote the description. If that's the case, why should eBay even write and offer a description as a selling tool at all, especially if they aren't going to stand behind their own witten words?

In my opinion since eBay clearly erred, they should be responsible to pay for the cost of the lifetime updates for the unit I purchased because of their faulty description. It's a whole $90, too much for the mega giant to admit fault and pay for I guess! I'm leaving eBay for another venue and I suggest anyone reading this to do the same!


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Robert Allyn L., 2012-08-13, 09:01AM CDT


E-bay does not write the discription, the seller does.

E-bay has a dispute system, if you are polite you can file on that and possibly force a return or discount.

But start by complaining about the correct guy.

Chuck B., 2012-08-13, 10:50AM CDT


I'm well aware of how eBay's auctions work. I've been there since May of '99. If you look closely at the auction, aside from the seller's description, there is a description written by eBay, offered to each seller to describe their product. Most people, myself included often use the eBay description because it is more in-depth than most we can come up with on our own. I tried to "dispute" the thing, but there is no way to write eBay about an eBay problem such as this. I tried everything, but my only way to voice the problem was on the phone, and I was told twice that it isn't eBay's problem because the seller chooses to use eBay's description. My counter to that was, if it's not your concern, and you aren't willing to stand behind and honor what you write, then why bother to write descriptions in the first place?

While I appreciate your comment, I might suggest you examine the entire process before you write a comment. If you are unaware of the descriptions eBay writes I suggest you read a few of the auctions, then your comment is quite welcome. By the way, there is no "correct guy" to complain to. I suppose this is going to have to escalate to litigation. In this case eBay is clearly in the wrong. If they aren't going to honor their own written words, they should not offer it in the first place. Enough said!

Robert Allyn L., 2012-08-14, 10:51AM CDT

If I as a seller use an incorrect discription, provided by E-bay or my Mommy, am taking responsiblity for it just as if I wrote it.

If the seller is too stupid to proof read the discription for accuracy, he deserves to be booted from E bay and forced to pay for your map updates.

You deserve to be sued for not understanding the sellers responsiblity in this case and defaming E bay.

Chuck B., 2012-08-14, 11:27AM CDT

Oh my, let's not devolve into a spitting contest here. lol Just so you'll know, the seller alerted me to the fact the description might be incorrect. He wasn't sure about the lifetime map updates, so he e-mailed me about his concern. That's when I discovered the eBay error, unfortunately after the auction had ended and after I had paid for the item.

Since the seller didn't write the description, I can't blame him. I'd probably had done the same thing, and gone by what eBay wrote if I didn't know for sure or remember myself.

You might mention to your mommy that she should apply to eBay as a description writer, obviously the current one didn't do their due diligence in researching the item.

Regarding my being liable for defaming eBay, I didn't say anything defamatory, slanderous or incorrect about them. The last time I checked our constitution, I'm still allowed to voice my grievance(s) and/or opinions without retribution. The fact is eBay did not do the right thing and admit they erred and honor their written word. All I did was state the facts and in no way denigrated their reputation... they're doing a good job of ruining their reputation without my help. Either you must work for eBay or are so in love with them it has blinded you from the facts in this case... sorry you feel as you do.

There is no benefit from us trading barbs with each other, so I'm not going to respond further unless you impune my reputation again. One last thought, if you'll be so kind as to re-read my statement... I did qualify what I said with "in my opinion", so no harm, no foul. But I do feel eBay was and is still at fault in this.

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