Ulta.com - Would not honor PayPal payment

Posted on Friday, August 10th, 2012 at 10:51am CDT by I Will Not Go Away

Product: Pur Minerals 4 in 1 makeup

Company: Ulta.com

Location: 1000 Remington Blvd Suite 120

URL: www.ulta.com

Category: Online Shopping

Email originally sent to Ulta on August 6, 2012

2nd email sent on August 8, 2012

Last Saturday, Aug 4, 2012, I tried to order a product which was on sale. This sale was ending that day,Saturday. I had trouble on the site and one of your customer service agents (Incident # 1198678) told me that the " buy 1 get 1 free" item was not pricing correctly on the website and that after my purchase and receiving the items I ordered, I should call back (of course having to hold on the phone for a LONG TIME) and Ulta would refund 1/2 of my money paid. I was not happy with Ulta using my money for that period of time, but I had no choice in the matter. So I continued to place my order. My order was for a total of $286.20 paid via PayPal. Paypal accepted my payment.

I never got a confirmation number from Ulta...so I called customer service back (ANOTHER LONG HOLD). This agent gave me another Incident #- 1198893. She convinced me that there was something wrong with my computer and I should go to another computer. Consequently, I left my home and went to my office to place this order. I tried 2 different computers at my office, one of which is less than a month old. Neither computer would process this order and give me a confirmation #. So once again I called customer service (ANOTHER LONG, LONG HOLD!) and referenced the Incident # 1198893. This agent informed me that Ulta would not process my order because they were protecting my credit card from fraudulent charges. I could not reduce the amount of the order by decreasing my order. I had her contact a supervisor. Their solution was for me to go into the store to buy this product, which I was unable to do that day.

I had the name on the card, the correct billing address, the security code. I tried 3 different credit cards, Visa, AX and MasterCard. Nor would the supervisor give me a rain check for this order, or do anything else to assist me.

I spent approximately 3 hours of my Saturday trying to place this order!

This is my question to Ulta: I processed by order via PayPal originally. What right do you have to deny me an order which has been approved for payment by PayPal? Isn't that the purpose of PayPal?

I am VERY, VERY UPSET by this treatment. This item goes on sale ONCE A YEAR and I have been waiting and watching for it. Now, when the sale occurs...YOU WONT LET ME BUY IT BECAUSE YOU ARE PROTECTING ME FROM FRAUD!!!!!!!!! I don't need Ulta's protection. That is why I used PayPal. The last time I looked, this was the United States of America and we were allowed to use our credit card to purchase something you offer for sale.

I expected Ulta to respond to this email immediately and extend this sale to me now. NO RESPONSE SO FAR! I ordered PurMinerals 4 in 1 makeup in blush medium. Price was $27, buy 1 get 1 free. I ordered 10, which was the amount allowed on their website.

I am sure that PayPal will be very interested to know that Ulta DOES NOT honor their payments.

I do not want anything for free...I just want to buy something!


I Will Not Go Away, 2012-08-17, 01:19PM CDT

This was my original complaint and I would like to say that I was contacted by Ulta Guest Services by phone 6 days after my post (as well as my written and MAILED complaint letters. The representative was very gracious and apologetic for Ulta's response to my issue. He solved my problem in a very satisfactory way.

Naomi, 2014-07-12, 10:51PM CDT

I am having the same issue. My credit cards are now all denied and paypal is denied online. When I go inside the store it's the same thing. Declined. Did they finally fix it for you?

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