WalMart - Over Charged Clearance Items

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 11:40am CDT by 5dcf90ab

Product: Trivial Pursuit Steal Card Game

Company: WalMart

Location: 1919 N. Main St

Category: Unauthorized Charges

Walmart is one of the worst stores for customer service via phone. I was on hold at least 5 minutes, and made 5 calls in 20 minutes before I was finally able to get customer service. I purchased a Trivial Pursuit Steal card game which was marked as was $5.24, and on clearance for $2.60. When I got home I had discovered that I was charged $4 for that item.

The customer service rep after explaining that for me to drive back 30 miles round trip was ridiculous and would cost me more than that $1.40 refund in gas, and wear on my vehicle. She said that she?s not used to refunding over the phone. What she?s used to and what can be done are two different things. I told her because she?s not used to it doesn?t mean that it can?t be done, but I suggested to get someone else, and she said their store doesn?t do refunds over the phone. I told her that I have all the information she needed to do that on my receipt including my credit card information. You see, I remember Kroger doing this before for me on their mistake.

I thought I was careful this time to watch the prices as they were being scanned, I had gotten too comfortable when I saw most everything were charged correctly, but caught a couple of items over charged, except for the clearance item noted above.

I told her that I would dispute this with my credit card company, and she replied ?you have have the right to do that if you want to.? Sometimes the way they say that is insulting, telling you such as ?that?s your perogative if you want to do that;? how insulting.


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