- no item in stock no refund???? rude customer service

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 3:18pm CDT by Dan F.

Product: out of stock dream light


Location: US


Category: Online Shopping

i bought an item on i have been a faithful and satifisified customer until now. i am seeing now that target stands with the bad business likes of walmart.bought a dream light for my child was sent an email saying it would arrive at a certain date. got another email saying the order was delayed.went to and now the item is no longer i simply asked for a refund. at this point had the refunded me i would be satisfied and prob. goto to my local target and spend the refunded money. i called and was spoken to in a rude manner by someone who could barely speek english. not satisfied with her answer, i spoke to a supervisor by the name of mark. after explaining i wanted a refund because the delay in shipment was not what i agreed to he responded every order is delayed....REALLY??? mabye target should state all orders are delayed as mark stated. researching the internet, i found target is nearly impossible to get ahold of when theres a problem...following in the footsteps of walmart. i will never shop at target again and will be boycotting them. from satisfied to disgusted . its just bad business. im just one person so who cares ...right target?? youll lose no business over little guys like me but know you lost a customer over something that could have been resolved by the click of a button. greed its ashame..


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