STOP & SHOP #2812 - Horrible Customer Service Employee Named Chrissy

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 11:02am CDT by Lauren R.

Company: STOP & SHOP #2812


Category: Food

I shop at the Stop & Shop in Freehold. The other day I went shopping and purchased cherries and this other customer and I were talking about how good and sweet they are right now. She weighed her cherries then i weighed mine. because cherries are not cheap as we all know. I remembered what the weight was of my cherries and when i checked out the weight was much higher. I did tell the cashier and he was very understanding and said to bring them to customer service. I told 2 girls how strange that the weights are different and one of the girls took the cherries out of my hand without asking and she abruptly put the cherries on a different scale and began weighing them, then and i said, "I weighed them on this scale right on the other end of cherry table". She raised her voice and began skolding me she said, "THAT SCALE DOES NOT WORK CANT U SEE IT DOES NOT START AT THE ZERO"... I then said, well i didnt know that it wasnt working i wasnt the only one using it. She was very curt with me, SHE EMBARRASED ME IN FRONT OF 2 CUSTOMERS, IT WAS VERY HUMILIATING AND SHE MADE ME FEEL LIKE AN IMBECILE ! I SAID NOTHING BACK BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT TO GO DOWN TO HER LEVEL AND JUST WAITED TO SPEAK WITH A MANAGER.. THE MANAGER was not in that day no manager. How dare this girl tell me off, and talk down to me. I am (no was) a customer and did spend alot of $ in that store.. maybe she is allowed to speak to customers like that, im not sure. she made me feel very dumb by embarrasing me in front of other customers and everyone was looking at me. I didn't know the scale was not working, AND IF SHE KNEW IT WASNT WORKING THEN WHY DIDN'T SHE PUT A SIGN UP.. INSTEAD SHE WALKED AWAY LEFT THE CHERRIES AND I WALKED AWAY.. HOW WILL THIS PERSON BE REPRIMANDED.. I DID NOT DESERVE THAT KIND OF TREATMENT IN THE STORE ! HER NAME IS CHRISSY AND SHE NEEDS TO LEARN A LESSON IN CUSTOMER SERVICE & NEEDS A GOOD ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!!


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