Carolwrights Gifts - I never placed an order, they still say I owe them $1 finance charge

Posted on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 at 5:58pm CDT by Madatcatalogs J.

Product: Misc

Company: Carolwrights Gifts

Location: PO Box 7823
EDISON, NJ, 08818, US


Category: Unauthorized Charges

I recieved an order in the mail from this company, I never placed an order with them. So I contact them and explain what happen, they say send the items back. So I do, then in about a week or so later I get a bill. For the shipping and finance charges of the order, I call and she asks her supervisor if she is able to remove these charges from my acct. what acct ? I don't have an acct with you, you do now. I don't want an acct with them. So they say they can remove the shipping charges, but not the $1 finance charge. So it will be an outstanding balance on my acct I never opened. So now this will go on my credit rating? I don't think it could really hurt me, but you never know. And my rating is very hard earned and in great shape. So I'm not going to let some petty thing like this ruin my credit rating. I just wonder if anyone else has had this problem with this company? It's just twisted to think you can make me pay anything on something I have nothing to do with.

I think what happen was 1 of 2 things, first they mixed up orders or addresses. Second when you get these catalogs in the mail they have your name and address on the cover and sometimes inside the order form. So now every catalog I get, I make sure I rip off and destroy those parts of the catalog before throwing it in the recycling or garbage. So just something to be aware of when getting catalogs that offer credit.

All I want is they reverse the charge I have nothing to do with, and close the acct I never opened.


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