Squarefeet Enterprise (Malaysia) - Slap Chop + Free Cheese Grater @ Squarefeet Enterprise (1 Month Warranty) (For Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables) (Free Peninsular Malaysia Delivery)

Posted on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 at 10:07am CDT by Keng Tung L.

Product: Slap Chop Product

Company: Squarefeet Enterprise (Malaysia)

Location: Block 8-1-4s, Kompleks Mutiara, Gat Lebuh Macallum, 10300 Pulau Pinang.

URL: http://www.everyday.com.my/coupons/it/squarefeetent_slapchop.htm

Category: Online Shopping

Recently, we bought this product (Slap Chop) through Living Social Malaysia website (http://www.livingsocial.com/malaysia/) and found that the product does not work as expected (based on the demonstration in the video clip) and it was damaged during the shipment. The shipment took 2 months. Warranty is only 1 month (printed on the voucher we bought). On the box, it is stated 10 years. We went to the merchant and requested for a replacement. The merchant gave us a replacement but it is still the same. It is unable to perform chopping with a finger. We have to use our palm to force the handle to chop. The merchant even admitted to us that this product is not the product from USA. The box has the description "Made In China". We thought it is the product from USA as the video posted on the website is clearly a promoter in USA and never mentioned that the product is not the original product but coming from China instead. The website may be illegally copying and using the images of Slap Chop product from the original company Square One. We requested a refund from Living Social website and they refuse to do so until we sent an e-mail to the US company selling this product. Living Social website sent us an e-mail saying that we can have the refund in two ways. However, Living Social deleted all our purchase history in the database including our voucher IDs! Obviously, Living Social website is not sincerely going to refund nor take action against the merchant as what they have promised earlier. So, be careful when purchasing products from Living Social website as they may be selling products by merchants who source the counterfeit products from CHINA. You may want to and visit the merchant and look at the product first before buying. They imitated the packaging and words 100%.


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8197f02f, 2013-12-17, 09:46PM CST

I Agree. This company is really sucks. Been waiting for my bedsheet for 2 months. Stil no delivery. Please dont buy from this company. did not imform me about the late delivery. Sucks like hell. dont buy stuff from this company!!!!

AC, 2013-12-18, 11:35AM CST

I am also waiting for my bedsheet which is overdue for delivery for 3 weeks. Ordered under hulala website. Hulala website also don't respond to emails & their support number is total bs, can never get through. It costs me more in calls which were answered by machine to call back later!!

4172a31c, 2015-05-06, 11:04PM CDT

Me too, facing the same problem , order bedsheets on 24/12/2013 until today still not receive, Hulala still not response as well.I'll make visit for soon

b0ae9900, 2014-02-27, 08:43PM CST

I purchased the Triple Layer Lunch Box from Hulala website on 11/01/14. Waiting and checking with customer support team, they informed me their merchant(Squarefeet Enterprise) said have to wait until end of Mar only I can get my stuff! Too bad!! Dear all, be careful!!

66896646, 2014-06-17, 01:13AM CDT

Becareful to buy deal from this Squarefeet Enterprice (Partner of Hulala)! Item you won't get it! i bought it on april, as usual item deliver after 21 days or a month after deal end, and state there delivery between 3/6/2014-10/6/2010, so today 16/6/2014 haven't receive yet. Even i email them 3 times, they won't reply at all and just keep you waiting. This company is cheating consumer i don't know why hulala still partner with them and still alive in hulala. i going to make a report & consumer dept to report this such seller. As well in FB (Public).

e82157fb, 2014-07-06, 09:53PM CDT

I agree, I am also waiting for my Decorative Wall Mirror to arrive. I email them on 19/6 but they only reply on 26/6 mentioning that the items is undergo custom clearance and will only be cleared on 29/6. But now is on 7/7, but haven't receive any info from them. I also try to email them again but email cannot get through. Don't buy stuff from them anymore, as you might be their next victim.

angie t., 2014-08-28, 04:19AM CDT

I bought 2 units of Foldable Flexi Table from Squarefeet Enterprise viz Hulala website but the tables were broken at the corner when I got it. I complaint it to Hulala website and Squarefeet Enterprise but was informed that I need to bear the transport charges for returning the broken table tops in order to replace with a new one. It's really unfair as the broken part was not caused by me. Furthermore, maybe the broken was caused by the courier service company, Skynet, but it's fault of Squarefeet Enterprise too for not wrapping the box properly before sending since they know it's a fragile product. I'm deeply disappointed with Squarefeet Enterprise and also Hulala support who can't help at all! Think twice if you are going to buy things from them! For me, this would be the first & the last time!

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