Online Public YellowPages - Online Public YellowPages Advertising SCAM

Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012 at 5:19pm CDT by Mad A.

Product: Advertising Online Public YellowPages

Company: Online Public YellowPages

Location: 3106 State Route 11 #720


Category: Unauthorized Charges

The company "Online Public YellowPages" sent us an invoice dated July 24, 2012 for $627.39 for services they reported we ordered April 23, 2012 - We followed up by phone Aug 2012 regarding the supposed online listing and we were told we would get a call back. Today (August 6, 2012) we got a phone call demanding payment and threatening to send us to collections. I disputed the whole think saying I had never signed up with them, didn't even know who they are etc.. The lady then played back the recording of my voice approving the name and address etc.. but I said that doesn't prove that I had signed up for the listing. She said it does because of the recording. I insisted that we had never signed up and told her I remembered the conversation from April and that she wasn't playing the whole conversation back. During the recording there were a series of yes and no questions. The recording sounded as it had been dubbed as some of the answers of 'No' were stated out of context and while the agent was still speaking. Eventually she transferred me to a rude collections agent that kept repeating the phrase 'Apparent Authority Act' and hung up on me. I tried to repeatedly call back to the agent named Alan but he refused to speak further with me and said, "Just pay the bill". They also refused to transfer me to a manager or have one call me back to dispute this issue. I want this invoice cancelled and any listing they may have for us out there.


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