Fresh Catch - did not get paid for my working

Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012 at 7:47pm CDT by Dena P.

Product: seafood

Company: Fresh Catch

Location: MANSFIELD, MA, 02048, US


Category: Restaurants, Bars

I recieved a call from a job I applied to...Fresh Catch in Mansfield, MA. The Boss BILL said My dreams came true and I should come in for training. So I started working as a prep cooking but little did I know I was doing so much work than was required. One minute I was cleaning the floors and the next I was washing dirty dishes. I was hardly getting trained because everyone around me except for one cook could speak English. I guess because of my married name Pacheco, BILL ASSUMED I was another immigrant and decided to work me like a slave SMH. NO buddy all English speaking here!

I worked 7 hours straight that day no breaks given and they wanted me to work from 8am-10pm. YEP insane. I went home in so much pain from running around and doing all this work. The next day I was working for 5hrs and I decided to ask about pay and why haven't I signed any paper work. Bill got an attitude with me infront of the other manager and told me that he will not give me anything to sign and I need to work for free 4 days and then he will decided it he really wants to hire me.

I was so hurt and upset to hear that. I was being used and ripped off. My husband had to be late for class in Boston in order to give me a ride to Fresh Catch and wasting his time and gas. I lost money from this and missed both ballet classes I had already paid for.

This place is unprofessional and filthy. All the dirt and uncleanliness is being hidden in the back, trust me I have seen it. From dead lobster being cooked and used next day to people eating the food you should be getting.

I heard its 8 bucks and hr for all the slaving you have to do. WOW in that case BILL owes me atleast 90bucks. I know he will try to cover his butt with lies but people who saw me there even felt bad for me and said I was being ripped off.

I hope this stops happening to people.

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fe100531, 2012-08-10, 09:07AM CDT

Please change the URL to the company that you worked for in Boston....Not the company URL you have given, which is a seafood processing company in the UK that does not have any ties with the company you worked for.

Thank you.

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