Diamond Cutters - Lawn Cutting

Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012 at 4:36pm CDT by Sarah W.

Product: Lawn Care

Company: Diamond Cutters

Location: 25050 Riding Plaza Ste. 130, #808 South Riding, Va. 20152

Category: Home, Garden

I was given an estimate for $75.00 initially, to be followed by $35.00 weekly, whether the lawn needs cut or not. My lawn is fairly small and doesn't take more than ten minutes to cut, so I wrongly assumed that the steep price would include some general clean-up. I asked that they call first, but I came home to the invoice in the door, and a very shoddy and incomplete job. Not only was there no clean-up, but the side hadn't been mowed at all. I called to complain and they came unbidden again the next week, charged $35. I was home and I know it took them under ten minutes. Two lawn mowings--$105.00!!! This is outrageous.I take responsibilty for being foolish enough to hire them, but I know now that many more reasonable options are available, and I urge anyone who doesn't want to waste their money, to hire a worthy neighborhood kid to mow instead. This company provides nothing above and beyond an extremely minimum mowing--which can be obtained easily for a quarter the cost. They obviously have high overhead, because they have these fancy embossed folders that each estimate is placed in, so the cost is passed on to the comsumer.


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