Bobs discount furniture - Don't trust these bums

Posted on Sunday, August 5th, 2012 at 10:31pm CDT by 6af3e4d1

Product: Former employee

Company: Bobs discount furniture


Category: Furniture

Customers think you have it bad? Try being an employee or a manager. Never in my life have I ever seen so many employees, managers or otherwise treated so badly. This bunch of ragtag flunkies are a disgrace to the corporate world. First of all you should all be aware that this company is not run by Bob any longer. Hasn't been for 5 years or better now. A corporation named APAX bought them out. They proceeded to insert a group of bargain basement journeymen upper management types who have been part of ruining many companies in their respective inglorious careers.

They are in the process of destroying this company as well. This company was a tight knit transparent organization before these maniacs took over. Shame on APAX. Did you know that the dishonesty and secrecy has gotten so bad that store are unionizing.!!! Employees can't get an accurate accounting of their sales therefore they feel that are getting screwed.

I will verify that they are getting screwed and have been since October of 2010 when they instituted a doomed operating system. This kind of incompetence is bringing this organization to its knees. They have lost about $100 million dollars since then. Customers have suffered beyond belief and will continue to. Cost cutting measures have been instituted. Rising prices in delivery charges. Inferior furniture replacing current items at the same price point. False accusations against long time employees have been running rampant so that they can replace them with individuals that will do whatever they are told for far less money. The dissatisfaction among all employees is beyond belief. Middle managers are being dumped for chumps so of course at the store level the customer will bea the burden with shitty furniture, inflated delivery charges which are needed because when it takes two or three deliverys before you actually get new undamaged furniture in your home. The average cost to the company for each delivery is well over $100. You do the math. the customer care at the store level is eroded to an unacceptable level.

Despite the effort of the hourly employees and commissioned salespeople who are losers here too and are mostly good well meaning people, this is no longer a place that any consumer should be suckered into buying from. There are several organizations out there that have caught up to Bobs price wise and for better quality, far better delivery and customer service personnel. Consider yourselves warned.

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