Cast Images Talent Agency - Breach of Contract

Posted on Saturday, August 4th, 2012 at 12:26am CDT by Regina A.

Company: Cast Images Talent Agency

Location: 2530 J STREET, STE 330

Category: Job, Career

I worked for this company for approximately 10 years or so. In 2008

I was contacted by them to do a job for a local Casino. I was told the ad usage would not include billboards. In 2009 or so I saw my ad for the Casino on buses and billboards.. I immediately contacted Cast Images and spoke to Chandra and the Talent Agent that booked me for this job. I informed them about this situation. Chandra and the Talent Agent (who no longer works for the company) said they would research it and get back to me. As of today's date I have not been paid for my services. Here's my email and here's their response.

Could I please have all signed copies of the contract, between the agency and the casino. If you choose not to provide me the contract within 7 days you will be contacted by legal counsel. Their response

My legal team advises me that this is not information your privy to without a subpoena. Needless to say after this discussion I was terminated. I am in no way bitter nor trying to slander their name. I only want what's owed to me. I leave with one question. If this company represents you then why can't you see a copy of your contract !!!!


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