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Posted on Saturday, August 4th, 2012 at 8:25am CDT by ac917270

Product: Waitress and Manager

Company: Stadium Bar and Grill in Lumiere Casino

Location: ST.LOUIS, US

Category: Food

To whom it may concern,?

Last night was my 33rd birthday and I hadn't been out in years and I went with some friends and my husband to Stadium. I must sadly say it's my first and my last time visiting there. The waitress was very rude, service was poor, appetizers were so so. But what drew the line for me is when the waitress finally came back after disappearing for 20mins when she was supposed to had cum right back with some napkins (bus boy eventually brought us napkins and plates),she asked me how were we doing and I said other then you never returning with the napkins, great! She got angry and stormed off. So, then I asked for the manager and told him I did not want that waitress because it was my birthday and I wanted positive energy for the night. I hadade reservations and had ?been ?looking forward to coming but if it couldnt be a positive experience Id have to stop at appetizers. He then ?said, "how bout I change things?n just get you a new waiteess or you can roam looking for a new place, but I would be upset. My friends began shaking their heads no,whispering the girl had been too rude during the time she was serving us and scared shed spit in or do something to our food and the manager nor waitress apologized for the service or incident.?

My friends were outraged that he said if we'd like to roam,like we had done something wrong or were some trouble making kids!?

We chose to leave and the new waitress came back with receipts for everyone that were all wrong. I told my friends along with her having poor customer service and being rude she screwed up the bills. So, then we had to wait for that to get fixed and the manager comes to our table and says I may have messed up those tickets, as if he was trying to correct me or something when he was across the room when I said it to my friends. I said okkkkaaayyy in response.And looked at him and he just stood at our table for awhile and left. No thank you for ur business or come again. And still no apology.

The problem here is I own a business and number one off the back I wouldve apologized for my clients feeling uncomfortable in my establishment. Two I would've apologized for the service and gotten the client a new assistant. Three, I would've made my client feel important and that I valued their business.?

None of that happened there, and as we were a table full of African American women we all felt the manager and the waitress were discriminating against us all.?

I've worked at resturants and understand how the managers are fond of the little waitresses in the short skirts, but right is right and wrong is wrong. This situation could've been corrected with a simple sorry for the service I will find you a waitress who can accommodate you better.?

It was my birthday and we have a great deal of cash to spend that night and your establish was the one we spent the least at due to your horrible service. I do not want free coupons or anything, as I will never go there again.?

Thankly, I was able to stay in my happy mood and enjoy the rest of my evening at other establishments where their managers were very nice, gave me birthday wishes, and free drinks.?

Thank you for listening as I just wanted to exercise my voice, and at my network events and lunch meetings I will mention how I was treated and the poor service I received from you all to my colleagues.

Helena Williams Minor


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