Adorable Puppies!! - Adorable Puppies!! Previously Little Tiny Puppies: Breeder Sold; Unhealthy Yorkie Puppy

Posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at 4:43pm CDT by Carolyn B.

Product: Tiny Tcup Yorkie Puppy

Company: Adorable Puppies!!

Location: 6514 E. Larkspur Dr.
AZ, 85254, US


Category: Pets, Animals

Adorable Puppies!! Previously Little Tiny Puppies!

Beware of "Adorable Puppies", "Little Tiny Puppies", breeder "Beth Baird", seller "Clint Cardinal", if you don't want emotional stress & heartbreak from a unhealthy puppy:

Previously Little Tiny Puppies on-line ad: Tiny Tiny tcup female Yorkie firm $1,850. Charged a higher price of $2,300 (Bait & Switch). Seller & Breeder guarantees a healthy puppy, contract means nothing they refuse to stand behind their healthy guarantee. Within 24 hrs of purchase of puppy veterinarian examined and found puppy to have a severe maloclusion = base narrow and brachygnathic, also had blood in her stools and found to have Isospora oocyst (Coccidia). Puppy is still under veterinarian treatment and from day one cannot have normal bowel movements (very painful strain on puppy). To no effect I requested to return puppy within the 48 hours required for full refund since breeder had no other puppy of equal value. To understand the full effect of this breeder; I paid $2,300 when the cost should of been $1,850, vet bills of $3,200 and on-going. I had a lawyer & BBB send a letter, with no reply back from breeder nor seller. Buyers expect a healthy puppy no matter what price they pay, and that's all I wanted was a healthy puppy! Breeder & Seller Refused to take the Unhealthy puppy back & Refused to Refund my money!

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4a7f868e, 2014-12-01, 07:02PM CST

Oh my gosh....after reading your complaint against the breeder Beth Baird in Scottsdale, Arizona, I couldn't believe it! A friend purchased a puppy from her also, about 6-8 weeks ago. My friend asked me to drive with her and help her pick her puppy out. I was amazed she brought all these puppies out in the living room and had ticks on them. Lots of them had accidents in her house with serious diahrea!!!!!! I found one puppy in the corner vomiting profusely and she claimed that the dog must have eaten something bad? When my friend signed the contract, Beth didn't put her last name on the documents, however, we had her address and looked up her name and started doing a google search on her. I would NEVER recommend purchasing a puppy from her. I heard lots of dogs barking from what seemed to be the garage, however, their barks didn't wound right and we started guessing that she debarks them? My friend now has a dog that never had it's dew claws removed, one back paw has two dew claws and two puppy pads where they shouldn't be. She also instructed me she gave them shots, and how my friends puppy is very sick. Please be careful when viewing puppies or breeders in scottsdale arizona and finding the name beth baird.

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